These are the five best benefits of betting on esports, regardless of whether you are a traditional sports betor or looking for something new.

Esports has been a growing industry. In 2019, it generated over $1bn in revenues. Professionals now compete in multimillion-dollar tournaments that are watched by millions worldwide.

It doesn’t take long before people want to bet on esports, as with any popular sport. You can now wager on esports in a variety of categories offered by large exchanges and bookmakers. Visit for more information namnmeteors

Here are five reasons why esports can be a great choice.

This is a rapidly growing market

Despite its jaw-dropping stats, esports remains in its infancy. This is especially true when you consider how it compares to horse racing or football. The growth isn’t slowing down either with participation and audience numbers increasing year after year.

It can also be played year-round, so you don’t have to wait for a season. There are many games in esports, including Dota 2, League of Legends, and Rocket League. This means that there is something for everyone.

This means now is a great time to get in on the action and learn how it works.

It is easy to get

There are many top-level esports matches that take place all year. It’s easy to find something to watch, especially since regular matches and big tournaments can be streamed free of charge on websites like Twitch. This contrasts with traditional sports, which often require you pay for a subscription.

Esports are easily accessible, which has led to huge viewing numbers for their tournaments. In 2019, the League of Legends World Championship drew in 100 million viewers.

The exact same , but with different

For those unfamiliar with esports it is often surprising that many of the markets are the same as the ones you’d find in a regular football match.

You might be looking to place your first Dota 2 wager, but you come across the market known as the “Moneyline”. The “Moneyline” market is similar to the one for football matches. You can also place handicap bets on the same teams as in football.

Esports can be played with cryptocurrencies

Some websites have made the transition to cryptocurrency after the necessary crackdown on “skins gambling”, also known as the wagering of ingame items instead of money. These can be cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or more niche cryptocurrencies like SkinCoin. This gives you more options to place bets and makes the market even more accessible.

There is always something new

Esports games are just like other software in that they are continually re-evaluated, maintained, and developers make improvements to gameplay. You might find new characters, new items or even new stages/maps. This means there is always something to be excited about. For more details to visit แทงบอลออนไลน์

A variety of new games are constantly being developed, making it almost impossible to get bored. While most mainstream sports remain the same, esports change constantly, which keeps it exciting for both gamers and bettors.