Prohibits poker bots from playing for you. However, this doesn’t deter people who try to circumvent the rules. Jobs, driving and, unfortunately, our poker opponents will soon be replaced by intelligent gambling robots.

Why are there so many bots at PokerStars, and on other platforms and operators? Do bots have a magical advantage at Texas Hold’em? Can we win as humans against them?


Poker bots are software programs that play poker online without any human intervention. They track all actions of your opponents and make decisions based on their rules, programming and instructions.

Since their creation, poker bots have evolved quite a bit.

Preflop ranges programmed into Bots

They were initially programmed to play preflop positions , ranges , and very basic postflop (if you make a pair, bet; if not, check). These bots were not very sophisticated but neither was human play.

These poker bots were forced to change as people became better at the game.

Bots with Advanced Strategies

PokerStars bots began to use more complicated strategies in order to match the play of players (such as bet/bet, checking strong hands back to slower play monsters and being more balanced).

Such advanced bots can be a great asset for inexperienced players playing low stakes Cash Games. Why? If you want to improve your win rate, then any further sophistication (machine-learning or AI) will require more computing power and a completely new setup.

These relatively simple but powerful bots, however, are still light-weight and rule-based. They can be spun instantly.

Solver-Era Of Poker Bots

As we have entered the “solver era” of poker programmers are now able to link solver outputs with poker bots. The bot can run through presolved solutions in order to find the right play, or it can run a solver real-time on a powerful computer.

A poker bot has a huge advantage over humans in that it can “remember”, millions of preprogrammed scenarios without error. This means that you can set it up and let it play for hours. Humans will begin to lose their edge after a couple of hours, and need frequent breaks to maintain their best performance.


Slot gacor maxwin hari ini does not accept poker bots. However, they do accept other tools such as poker heads up displays. The account of any player found using a bot will be closed and the bankroll confiscated. These penalties are meant to deter people from using bots, and to make it more difficult to set them up after they have been discovered.

Pokerstars has a dedicated team of security experts who are responsible for eliminating these poker bots from their player pool. In their site, they claim that they have 60 ex-poker players and data scientists working with purpose-built software in order to identify and remove those players who are breaking the terms of service.

A 24/7 automated system flags accounts for their team to investigate further. This automated system flagged 95% of all violations of terms of service.

players can flag accounts they think are violating the rules. Slot gacor uses a peer review system to investigate every report. Multiple agents individually review evidence and then make a recommendation.


Bots are more common in some games than others. The less bots are likely to play a complicated game. There are few bots playing cash games because they are difficult to play. Sit & Go games are a bit easier to play in terms of strategy, so it’s more likely that you will find a bot.

Pokerstars has made a commitment to eradicating bots on their site. However, it is likely that some have not yet been detected. Due to their strong stance against bots, they are only a small fraction of the total player pool. They shouldn’t cause concern for everyone.

Signs of a POKER BOT

What to look for if you think another account is not a real person?

No chat with any player

It will depend on your game and the player. You may find it difficult to chat with other players if you are playing on Zoom tables. This is because they do not stay at the table for very long.

You may also find that they are playing many tables and don’t have the time to respond to your table chat. Or they might not understand what you are saying. A player who doesn’t chat at the table can be a bot. However, if they respond to your message you can rule them out.

In tournaments, a lack in chat can be a more obvious sign that a player is betting. You can ask a moderator for help when you are down to the last few players of a tournament.

All parties involved must agree or disagree on the deal proposed before the game continues. A player who does not respond to questions from either the moderator or other players during this process of deal-making should be suspected.

You Bet a Specific Amount on Every Game

It takes a little nuance to detect this one, as it is common for players to use consistent sizes. This is especially true preflop and during the flop. To hide your exact hand strength, most players will raise to a specific number of big blinds before the flop.

On the flop most players use a specific sizing based on the board. Many players use a smaller 1/3 c-bet. Humans tend to change their betting patterns on the river and turn.

Bots will not change their play over the course a session. Poker bots can make the same decisions whether it is hour 1 or 15.

Active for more than a day

Some players love to grind. Some players play poker for as much time as they can, as long as their lives allow. There are also players who are constantly on the internet. It doesn’t matter what time of day you log in to begin a session, you will see these players seated at the table grinding away. They never seem to sleep!

This is an indication that the account has been used to bot. Poker Bots do not need to sleep, and they can run 24 hours a day without any effect on their game. People need to sleep, and they can’t play all day long. You will notice a big difference in their playing if they play for a whole week. Their brain slowly becomes mush.

Some of these accounts may not be bots, as they are simply players who don’t give a damn about the quality of the game and only care about the money that can be earned from rakeback. They are happy to play mindlessly for hours every day and pocket hundreds of dollars from rakeback.

Consistent time in taking actions

The complexity of a decision can affect the time it takes a player to make that decision. Some spots are less familiar to players than others, so they may take up to 30 seconds to make a decision. Humans, on the other hand will make simple decisions almost immediately, as they don’t have to think.

Poker bots are able to handle any situation because they only need to verify their pre-programmed response. The time it takes to make a choice is the same for all bots, as they are powered by computers that can quickly reach the correct decision.

Some bots will react instantly in every street. This is a good indicator that there is something going on. Some programmers have realized this and added a delay of a couple seconds between each decision. As we have already mentioned, humans take different amounts of time based on the complexity and difficulty of the decisions. You can tell if someone is a bot if they take exactly 3 seconds to make every decision.



Reporting a suspected poker bot to the website you are playing on is your first step. Bots, in general, are bad for the poker eco-system as they steal thousands of dollars from unknowing players. You may find bots that are poorly programmed and can be exploited to make money.

You need to be aware of the tendencies if you are going to exploit a suspected bot. How often will it fold to the 3bet bet? How often will it fold to the cbet. How often does the bot cbet? And how does it respond to being raised following cbetting. A bot that has been poorly coded will react to stimuli in a predictable way.

It has happened that I have suspected I was playing against a bot, only to find out they fold the flop when they miss. If I placed a bet of one big blind, they would fold immediately if they did not have a pair. After I realized this, I would bet on the flop and try to get as many heads-ups as I could with that account. I expected them to fold most of the time.

To win money against a robot, you need to find an area that is poorly programmed. You should try to get into this situation as many times as possible. This requires a great deal of trial and mistake, but if you’re not sure if the bot is well-programmed or just a regular user, it’s better to report them.