You may not know some facts about women’s fitness and health!

  1. A national survey found that nearly 13% women aged over 18 have fair or poor health. This number may seem low, but it could even be lower if women followed the recommended guidelines on diet and exercise.
  2. Fewer than half of women aged 18 and older met the federal guidelines for aerobic exercise.
  3. More than 38% U.S. women older than 20 years are overweight.
  4. Nearly two thirds of Americans who have Alzheimer’s disease are women.
  5. Heart disease, cancer and chronic lower respiratory diseases are the leading causes of death in women.
  6. Women are most likely to die from heart disease. Women’s heart attack symptoms differ from those experienced by men.
  7. Breast cancer affects 1 out of 8 women.
  8. Twenty million women suffer from eating disorder.
  9. Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination. The CDC suggests HPV vaccination as early as age 11 or 12.
  10. Depression is twice as common in women as it is in men.

Women’s health: How to stay fit and healthy

Videos for health and fitness by doing a variety of things.

All of these factors can improve your health.

It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to schedule regular well woman examinations with your doctor. To schedule a well-woman exam, contact Renaissance Women’s Healthcare.


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