It’s exciting to shop for engagement rings! Now that you have found the right one, it’s time to start looking for the perfect ring to propose. Although engagement ring shopping can be fun and exciting, it can also be confusing, especially if it’s your first time. Here are 10 things you need to know before you buy an engagement ring.

  1. Setting and Diamonds can often be sold separately

Let’s begin with something that many people don’t know: setting and center stones can often be purchased separately. When you shop for an engagement band, you are often looking for your center stone (usually a diamond in white) and your setting (the metal frame that holds it).

Some rings come with a pre-set center stone. Most old engagement rings come complete. Many modern jewelers also make pre-set rings. It’s becoming more common for jewelers to sell setting and center stones separately today, so make sure you are aware when shopping.

  1. The 4Cs

You should understand the 4Cs of a diamond before you purchase your diamond. The four Cs are diamond quality gradings. Here is a quick overview of the 4Cs.

Cut: This refers to the quality of a diamond’s cut. It affects how light it captures.

Color is a measurement of the color of a white diamond.

Clarity: This is a grading system that determines how flawless a diamond is internally and externally.

Carat: This is a weight measurement that will give you an idea about the size of a diamond.

  1. According to jewelry experts, Diamond Cut should be a priority

Although each of the four Cs are important, jewel experts recommend prioritizing cut when evaluating a diamond. You might be wondering why. A poor cut diamond will not reflect light well and make it appear dull and dim.

  1. Style is all about shape and settings

Your setting style and the shape of your center stone are the two most important factors in the design of your Moissanite Engagement Rings. Your center stone shape (such as round, oval or princess, etc.) Each shape is unique and has its own style. The setting of your engagement ring will have an impact on its style. You can have classic, vintage-inspired or modern settings.

  1. Place your order in advance

Your jeweler will take some time to place the desired diamond in the setting of your engagement ring unless you are buying a pre-made ring. Some engagement rings can only be made after you place your order. This can cause delays. Order your ring in advance to ensure you get it by the date you plan to propose. It is a good rule of thumb to order at least 6 weeks before your wedding. This gives you enough time to make adjustments, but it also allows for flexibility.

  1. There is no “right” amount to spend

It is possible that you have heard that a specific dollar amount must be spent on an engagement ring. People say you should spend 3 months salary to buy an Lab diamond engagement rings. There is no right amount that you should spend on an engagement band. Spend only what you are comfortable with. Spending less than you feel comfortable with is an important decision.

  1. You Can Always Upgrade Later

You can always upgrade later if you don’t have the budget for the big, flashy ring that you desire when you are engaged. You can upgrade engagement rings to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries.

  1. Know your precious metals

You can find many options for engagement ring settings. You can often make the same style of setting in different precious metals. Platinum, white gold and yellow gold are the most common precious metals used for engagement rings. The style of your ring and the amount of upkeep it will need will be affected by which precious metal you choose.

  1. Jewel Insurance is not the same thing as a warranty.

Many people mistake jewelry insurance for warranties. Most warranties, such as our Peace of Mind extended care plan, cover you against manufacturing defects and daily wear on your ring. Jewelry insurance protects you from accidental theft or loss.

  1. You Can Go Custom

You can have your custom-made engagement ring if you are having trouble finding the perfect ring. It’s easier than you think to create a custom ring. It’s worth the extra effort to create something unique. You’ll be able to create a ring that is unique and just like you and your partner.

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