If you find yourself in the wilderness, you will need to arm yourself with everything you can. To conquer the wilderness, you need more than the usual household items.

It is important to have unique items which will keep you comfortable, safe and alive. Packing everything into a small, lightweight backpack can be difficult. You may have to choose only a few essential items that will allow you to survive in the wilderness for several weeks.

Here’s a checklist for 10 essential items to survive in the wild:

  1. Water

Water makes up more than 70% of our body weight. Dehydration can be caused by anything that upsets this balance. Weather conditions in the wild can quickly cause dehydration. You need to find a way of compensating for the water you lose.

You should always stay hydrated, even if you’re in the wilderness survival for a short time. You can carry a limited amount of water with hydration systems or water bottles. A water purification system will turn murky water into safe and clean drinking water.

  1. Food

The human body needs food to function optimally, both mentally and physically. For optimal performance, there are guidelines for the number of daily calories that you should consume. In the wilderness you may need more food, but quality is always better than quantity.

Foods and snacks that are high in energy should be packed. Wheatgrass, maca, and spirulina are good examples. Ensure that the food is either easy to prepare or ready-to-eat. You must have enough food to last you the whole time you are outdoors. You will also need to know how to get food in the jungle. Prepare a list of wild edibles in advance.

  1. Knife

A knife of any kind can save your life in the woods. A survival knife has a special structure that allows it to perform well in survival situations. The knife is useful for clearing paths, building shelters, preparing food, and hunting. It is also a powerful self-defense tool if you can use it. You can also use it as a First Aid component.

Choose a fixed-blade survival knife. The fixed blade’s lack of moving mechanical parts makes it durable and resilient enough to cut large tree branches and twigs. To make your job easier, the knife should be sharp.

  1. Shelter/ Shelter Building Equipment

Shelter is essential for any survival situation. Shelters offer protection against extreme weather conditions. The tent protects you from predators, as well as other wild animals that can be dangerous. Idealistically, a tent would be the ideal shelter for the bushcraftpro. It is usually heavy and bulky.

You can also carry materials to make shelters so you can take advantage of the natural resources. It is even better to carry a tarp, or a large trash bag you can use for making shelter quickly and easily. Use cordage or rope to attach your tarp.

  1. First Aid Kit

In a survival situation, it is important to be adequately prepared in case you sustain an injury. The remoteness of wilderness may prevent you from reaching the emergency medical team in time. In this situation, a First Aid Kit will be essential. It can stop minor bleeding, mobilise injured limbs, and even dress the wounds to prevent infection.

You don’t need to buy the large, fully-equipped First Aid Kits. Smaller versions are ideal for survivalists. Packing only essentials such as bandages, OTC pain medication, antibiotics, cotton wool and latex gloves will reduce the weight of the kit.

  1. Rain Jacket

It’s hard to predict when disasters will strike. Even the weather at that moment is not predictable. You can plan your survival trip much more easily if you rely on the information provided by the metrological department.

Pack a raincoat if you want to be protected from the rain. You should still pack a raincoat or a rain jacket even if the metrological department can provide you with upcoming weather information.

  1. Signaling Device

In an emergency, mobile phones are usually useless. You must be able to contact civilized society if you are in need of help. In the wilderness, a signaling device can be crucial. Emergency crews, passersby and even aircraft can recognize a flashing signaling mirror or a sounding whistle. You should know how to signal for faster assistance.

  1. Lighter or Matches

Sometimes, your clothing or other bodywear is not enough to keep warm in the wild. In icy conditions, you may have to light a fire in order to stay warm. You can use a fire to cook or scare away wild animals.

You can use a hand or plow-drill to start a fire, but it is a difficult task and your chances of success are low. The easiest way to ignite a fire is with a lighter or matchbox. There are waterproof matches that can be used to light a fire in wet weather.

  1. An Insect Repellent

Insects can be a nuisance, especially when we are in the wild. Their ability to spread infection and disease is even more dangerous. Insect repellent is therefore one of the most important things to have for survival in wilderness.

Eco-friendly insect repellent is best. You need to use a natural repellent that works for most insects. Lemon juice is a natural insect repellent that can be used to repel mosquitoes and ticks. Do some research to find out more.

  1. Cordage or Rope

In a survival situation, cordage and rope are essential. This multi-purpose item can increase your chances of survival in the wilderness. Choose 550 parachutes cord, also known as parachute cable. It is durable, lightweight, and portable.

Cordage allows you to build an emergency shelter with a large garbage bag or tarp. It will also help you hang or hoist food away from wild animals. Paracord is a great emergency tool because it can be extended when wet.

The conclusion of the article is:

This list of 10 items you will need to survive the wilderness should be comprehensive. This does not mean that you won’t need any other items. As part of your outdoor preparedness, you should have these essentials in your bag. The list would not be complete without your mental faculties, and a reliable friend. A trusted friend is the only one who can help you in a crisis.


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