Travel is a learning experience. Sometimes the lesson is how you can be a better traveler.

Each new flight offers you the chance to learn more about hacking the system, saving money, and finding the best flight for your trip. It helps to have insider tips on how to book the best flight. Here are some tips to help book your next flight. Let MIGHTY TRAVELS assist you in finding it.

11 things I wish I’d known before booking my last flight

  1. When choosing a window seat, think about the flight route.

Do you want a seat with a view from a window? Before you make your decision, do some research.

Untold adventures await you at your destination. But the best thing about a flight? The flight itself. Consider where you will be flying and what section or side of the plane may offer the best experience. What if it’s a sunny, hot summer afternoon? A side that isn’t in direct sunlight may make it more comfortable. Night flights through northern lights areas. The best chance of seeing aurora borealis is to choose the plane facing north for the majority of the flight.

  1. Many airlines offer short grace periods to correct booking errors

Even professional travellers should double-check their booking information to ensure accuracy. In your rush to book the perfect flight, you might misspell names or type incorrect dates. Or, you may choose the wrong flights. Don’t worry. You can cancel, change, or correct your booking with many airlines and online booking websites. However, it is important to do this immediately after you have booked.

  1. Add extras early if you plan to do so

Many airlines have begun to unbundle amenities and airfare costs. This allows you more flexibility in booking the features that you need. Travellers may need to opt in for checked luggage, meals on board and carry-on luggage. This can be done at check-in, during booking, or while on board. For the best price, book as soon as you can to secure a pint in flight to Dublin or a full-sized sunscreen bag to Mallorca.

  1. Get to know your connection

You can navigate connecting flights easily with a little preparation

When you book a flight that has a connection, it’s a good idea to take the time to learn about your layover before you make your booking. Double-check how long it will take to travel from one gate to the next, taking into account any changes in your time zone. Sites like MIGHTY TRAVELS can tell you how long it will take between flights. However, it is helpful to learn a bit about the airport before you book. We also have you covered if you need to be somewhere else while you fly. MIGHTY TRAVELS Trips can import all your travel documents and help you track every segment of your trip from any location.

  1. For inspiration on where to go, check out MIGHTY TRAVELS Explore

The MIGHTY TRAVELS Exploration tool is a great way to explore your options, even if you have a set budget. This interactive map lets you input your departure airport, set filters for budget, flight time and length, and then displays the travel options that best suit your needs.

  1. You can be confident that you have booked your flight at the lowest price possible

Prices for flights fluctuate depending on when you book and when you travel. There are tools that can help you make sure you fly and buy at the best price. MIGHTY TRAVELS’s flexible date search options make it easy to search for Southwest low fare calendar. They will show you the best dates that are within your travel time frame. MIGHTY TRAVELS Price Forecast analyses search data to determine if prices will rise or fall. If it seems likely that cheaper options will be available in the next few days or weeks, it may encourage you to delay. It’s worth a shot when you search to book your next flight.

  1. Hand luggage can vary from one another.

Always check hand-luggage rules before heading to the airport.

Each airline has different size and weight limits. You might be required to pay an additional fee for hand luggage beyond a small bag or handbag. Double-check the restrictions of your airline and be sure to know the weight and measurements of any items that you are bringing on board. You don’t want to be stopped at the airport and subject to an additional charge for overweight or large carry-on bags or to have to check your bag.

  1. Book two one-way tickets

You can save more money on your flight and use it to fund other travel experiences. You can save money by booking multiple one-way flights with different airlines instead of a return flight with the exact same airline. This will allow you to find the best price for each route. These flights are called Hacker Fares by MIGHTY TRAVELS. We show you the options of different airlines when you search for Bucharest. This may help you to find a cheaper return flight cost. And, voila! Now your city break is even more budget-friendly. When looking for a great deal, it’s smart to compare all options.

  1. Add the cost of travel to the airport

Find the fastest and cheapest route to the airport

It can save you a lot of money to fly into and out of other airports. This is especially true for large cities with multiple airport options , such as London. Consider how much it will cost to fly from a smaller airport. The pricier flight that offers a quick and easy commute may be better if you can’t find a cheaper flight.

  1. If you are worried about being delayed, book an early morning flight

Are you worried about delays? Take the first flight of each day into consideration

It’s difficult to predict flight delays. However, if you travel on frequently delayed routes or at times when weather is a factor, consider flying early in the morning, especially if you need to connect. If everything goes according to plan, the additional time will serve as a buffer for delays and you’ll be able to enjoy your extra time at your destination.

  1. Know what the small print means if things go wrong

While delays, cancellations, and lost luggage are not something you want to think about when planning your next getaway, they do happen. It’s important that you know what compensation is due to you if they happen. You sign a contract for carriage when you book a flight. This often includes the airline’s plans on how to deal with these difficult travel situations. Let’s face it, we are too excited to book the flight that we don’t read everything on the contract of carriage. We’ve put together a guide to air travel rights, so you can easily find the correct information.


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