It has been stated, and it is rightly so that having many followers on Twitter doesn’t necessarily mean anything – it’s all about “engagement” as well as “Quality over Quantity”. What some consider “a lot” may be for others “a small amount”.
But there are 2 very important-to-consider and not-to-be-ignored reasons for Twitter users to aim for more followers.

2 reasons why you do want lots of followers on Twitter. Unless you don't?

It is vanity to have a lot of followers.

This means that more people have looked at your profile and decided to follow you. Sometimes people will simply follow you because they may follow you back.
Let’s not forget about vanity. It’s great to achieve milestones and reach a larger number of followers. This motivates and inspires you to get out there and make a difference in the Twitter community by being helpful, interesting, and good at bantering! These are wonderful things to do, and there’s no doubt about it!

Marketing is another benefit to having many followers.

A good reputation and a well-known business or personal brand will benefit your business. This means that you’ll get more value from your tweets. It’s simple maths, but the ideal situation is to have “Engaged Followingers”. These are people you interact with frequently enough to make them interested in your content, likely to interact and likely to retweet.
At the time of writing, I have 8413 followers on Twitter. This number fluctuates frequently and I try to not cry when people unfollow. I won’t lie. It’s great to have many followers. If I tweet a request for something I’m more likely to receive recommendations. At my weekly networking breakfasts I often ask for introductions via Twitter. I also get new contacts for fellow members. If I share my own content, people are more likely to retweet it and respond with comments. This is where I see the benefit of having Buy Real Twitter Followers.

Here’s a great example of quality being more important than quantity.

Some people will target a specific niche audience and only require a smaller number of followers to gain value from Twitter. Abbie Tanner, our friend and client, is an example. Abbie is a marketing specialist for IFAs in the UK.
She has fewer followers that I, but still a remarkable amount! She has many followers, but she is more knowledgeable about her industry, UK financial advisors, than I am. With a smaller number of followers and less frequent tweets, she can communicate with her clients and share her expertise on Twitter. Her followers are UK Financial Advisers and active Twitter users. Although they may be few, their potential to be Abbie’s great contacts is greater than that.


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