Relaxing by the fire in the winter months is a dream that everyone can attain, even those living in a house that doesn’t have an old-fashioned fireplace. If your home was constructed without a brick hearth do not fret. You can still have the perfect winter ambiance in your home without destroying the walls (or spending a fortune). The answer? A fireplace made of ethanol.

Also known as a Bioethanol Fireplace Manufacturers A fireplace made of ethanol can bring warmness and “wow” aspect to an area, without the hassles associated with burning wood or smoke.

“An ethanol fireplace can be an alternative that is much cleaner than traditional wood-burning or gas-burning fireplaces,” says Nate Bruen who is a franchisee and the director of Handyman Connection of Eden Prairie in Minnesota.

“Small amounts of carbon dioxide and water are the sole byproducts produced by burning Ethanol,” Bruen explains. Ethanol is a biofuel liquid made by the fermentation of various plants, such as corn or soybeans. It’s an energy source that is renewable.

Are you looking for some motivation? Here are a few most compelling reasons to purchase an Ethanol fireplace.

  1. No chimney

Traditional fireplaces or even gas-powered fireplaces require a chimney to let out the smoke. A fireplace powered by ethanol doesn’t produce smoke, therefore it doesn’t require chimneys, vents, or flue in order to let out the smoke. This means that you can place the fireplace almost anywhere inside your home.

“They are extremely cost-effective and green since the fuel source is made from renewable sources,” says Justin Orr the manager of the customer service for The Bio Flame, a manufacturer of ethanol-based fireplaces.

  1. It is not necessary to put up within the structure of your home

Contrary to traditional fireplaces which need to be installed in your residence, these fireplaces can be mobile, meaning you can place one in the dining room or living room.

“Ethanol fireplaces are extremely simple to set up, in comparison with other types of fireplaces,” says Bruen.

Orr states that ethanol fireplaces don’t require ventilation or lines of gas.

“This is ideal for condominiums basements, condominiums, or any other area in which it is hard or impossible to vent or gas. This makes it an easy installation, even after the building of a home.” Orr. Orr.

Because ethanol fireplaces aren’t permanent, they are able to be taken down and rebuilt anytime, or whenever you move.

  1. Ethanol fireplaces can truly make you feel warm and cozy.

Fireplaces are designed to create the ambiance of a warm and cozy space and ethanol fireplaces provide. Ethanol fireplaces are able to heat rooms up to 600 square feet that’s more than conventional fireplaces can accomplish. They also have fun glowing flames.

“They produce more heat than electric fireplaces, and generate a real flame which is stunning when compared with gas or electric fireplaces,” says Orr.

  1. Ambiance, without smoke

There’s a good reason interior designers are drawn to incorporating the ethanol fireplace into the designs they design: They give a contemporary stylish and elegant look to your home, and offer the complete functionality of a fireplace. Ethanol fireplaces come in a variety of sizes and designs and come with finishes such as shiny metallic steel or matte black or clear glass. They are a great feature in a design, whether indoors or outside, and are able to be set on tables or floors or hung on the wall.

In contrast to the fake flames of electronic fireplaces, the ethanol fires generate “a real, lively flame that is more than every homeowner’s expectations,” says Orr.

  1. Ethanol fireplaces are easy to maintain.

Traditional wood fireplaces require the laborious task of removing coals and ash and eliminating the debris. Ethanol fireplaces don’t require regular maintenance and aren’t prone to fading or corroding after many years of usage.

“Aside from the fact that ethanol is extremely efficient and a cleaner burning fuel, it also burns more efficiently,” says Bruen. “You don’t have to be concerned about ash, smoke, or soot that could cause the mess in or around your house.”

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