It is common to believe that you don’t have to worry about your mental well-being if you aren’t suffering from a mental disorder. Remember that being healthy does not mean you are free from illness or stress. Wellness is the conscious effort to live a happy and fulfilled life. You can also develop mental wellness habits, just as you do for your physical health. Both mental and physical health are interrelated in many important ways. They should be treated as skills that must be learned and practiced in a balanced manner.

Rural communities may have a harder time balancing their lives due to the isolation and difficulties in accessing mental health services. Added stress and financial problems can be caused by the uncertainties inherent in farming. It is also possible to believe that 16 hour days are necessary for a strong work ethic. This can lead to burnout and stress and make it difficult to live a balanced and healthy life. How can you make time for your mental and physical well-being?

These five steps will help you achieve mental and physical health, as well as more balance in your life.

  1. Exercise

Finding the right exercise is key. This could be done by joining a sports team, walking with a friend, taking a dog for a walk, or practicing yoga in your own home. It has been proven that physical activity can improve self-worth, reduce anxiety, and clear the mind.

  1. Sleep

Poor sleeping habits were once believed to be a sign of mental disorders. However, recent research shows that poor sleep can lead to mental health problems. A healthy bedtime routine can help you feel calmer, happier, and more focused throughout the day. Tips and tricks for better sleep.

  1. Nutrition

Reduce sugar intake and replace it with nutritious foods such as fish, vegetables, and foods rich in healthy fats like avocados. This has been proven to decrease depression symptoms in adults.

  1. Community and relationships

Support can come from your family, your partner, your friends, coworkers or pets. This will increase your sense of purpose, love, and connection to others. Find ways to build community.

  1. Relaxation and recreation

It can be easy to lose sight of the hobbies or make the time to read a book in our busy lives. You will be happier and more able to handle difficult emotions if you make time for it.

It is important to remember that your mental health and physical health are closely linked. You will feel better if you treat them both with care.

Additional Resources for a Healthier You

Get a confidential, free online screening today. If you have tried improving these areas of your life, but feel like you need more support, go to: You can get a confidential screening here to determine if you are suffering from a diagnosable mental disorder. If necessary, you can decide to see a mental health professional after the screening.

Call the Rural Response Hotline at 1-800-464-0258 if you are interested in receiving additional assistance. Rural residents, farmers, and ranchers can call the hotline to connect to an experienced staff member who is trained to assist them through the COMHT Program (Counseling, Outreach, and Mental Health Therapy). The staff members can help individuals by calling them or visiting their homes, and provide confidential information.


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