A moissanite ring might be the perfect gift. But there are some things you should consider before making your purchase. These are five things you should consider before buying Moissanite rings online or in-store.


In case , you didn’t realize that moissanites is the newer type gem. They are sometimes called “moissanites”, but they have nothing to do with the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who discovered them. These gems were named after him because he was the first person who discovered that diamonds can be made from man-made materials. These rings can be distinguished by certain attributes, but they are similar to diamonds. When buying a women moissanite engagement rings, be sure to check the cut grade. The clarity scale is used to grade the cut, not on the same scale that it is for diamonds.


Moissanites can be found in every color of the rainbow. They are graded based on how bright their colors are. Because they contain fewer impurities, the brightest colors (AA and AAA grades) will be more costly than D or E grades.


The ring’s size is another consideration. You should ensure that the ring fits comfortably on your finger. Measure the finger of someone you are buying it for before making any purchase. Moissanites come with different sizes so be sure to ask your jeweler. They want something that is comfortable!

Set Type

Moistanite rings come in three most popular settings: channel, prong, or bezel. The width of the band will vary depending on the type of setting. If you want to set a diamond within a prong setting, for example, the ring must be large enough to allow the prongs to extend beyond the edge of the stone. Moistanites are smaller than diamonds so they work well in channel settings.


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