Automatic gates are increasingly popular in commercial and residential properties. It’s a great idea to install an automatic gate in your home.

An automatic gate offers many benefits, including sliding doors and pedestrian gates. Boom gates are also a great option. In previous blogs we discussed the advantages of installing an automated gate. The most important benefits are privacy, safety, and convenience.

6 Things You Never Knew About Automatic Gates

Today, we will be discussing the things that never knew regarding automatic gates.

  1. Automatic gates can now be fitted with technology that allows you use your fingerprint or a passcode to unlock them. This provides extra protection for homes and families with young children.
  2. Your property’s value can be increased by adding kerb appeal.
  3. Automated gates don’t need to be costly. All types of gates can be fitted with automatic solar gate motors. For large properties, which are far from the main power supply, solar motors are very popular.
  4. If remote controls are lost or stolen, they can be easily programmed again. We make sure that remote controls are deleted from your system so potential thieves don’t have access to your property.
  5. You can also manually open automatic gates. All gates can be manually opened in the event of a power cut or malfunction.

Automated gates need professional installation. To ensure that they work efficiently, automatic gates require regular maintenance.


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