1. They will not always give you an infected.

Many people think thongs are a gateway to infection. Thongs don’t necessarily mean you’ll have a bad gynaecological condition. Women who aren’t predisposed for conditions such as bacterial infections and urinary tract can still wear them and remain perfectly healthy. You should only remove thongs from your underwear drawer if you are prone to any of the illnesses mentioned in point 5.

  1. It all comes down to the material

For any type of underwear, cotton is the best fabric. However, it’s particularly important to choose breathable fibres when wearing a G string. It is more gentle on the skin and allows for the evaporation moisture that can otherwise encourage bacteria growth. Research has also shown that cotton can help prevent itching and irritation. While silk and lace pants are often more appealing to the eye, they should be saved for those times when people will be wearing them anyway.

  1. If you are sick, they shouldn’t be worn.

While thongs don’t guarantee an infection, they can make your immune system weaker and less able to fight off other bacteria. Even if you have a simple cold, the chances of getting infected from items you normally wear are higher when you’re sick. Keep it safe and wear a full-length pant until you feel better. You have enough problems to deal with without adding another UTI.

  1. …or if your going to the gym

Although you may get a VPL from your leggings during a workout, it’s better than the possibility of your rectal bacteria (yep!) getting transferred to your vagina by moving around and sweating, which can lead to urinary tract infections. E-coli, which is the most common colon bacteria, can easily get into your urethra or vagina if you funny thongs for women. So next time you update your workout kit, make sure you have your pants in sweat-wicking fabric to keep you fresh.

  1. They can worsen existing health conditions.

Wearing thongs will not cause you to develop conditions such as hemorhoids, lichen sclerosus or skin conditions like itchiness and white patches. However, if you already have these conditions, the friction can make it worse. WebMD says that thongs can cause clitoral irritation. Dr Shieva Ghofrany has previously stated to the Huffington Post, that doctors notice more skin tag in patients who wear them frequently.

  1. You don’t have the obligation to wear them if you don’t like them

Even if thongs aren’t causing you any health problems, they can make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t feel pressured into buying them because they seem more attractive. A 2015 NPD group study showed that thong sales decreased by 7%. However, sales of larger pants such as shorts and high waisted pants soared by 17%. So choosing underwear that covers your arse might actually be in fashion! Sorry Sisqo…

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