You may have seen a lot last-minute deals this fall to save money on your cruise vacation. However, prices for next year’s cruises are still high for many lines. In some cases they are higher than in 2019. 2019 was the last year of cruising. How can you book the best cruise deal next summer?

To start — don’t panic. You can save money on your sea vacation, even if the fares aren’t going down in the near future.

6 ways to get a deal on a cruise

We’ve compiled six of our top tips to help you find a great deal on your next cruise. These travel hacks can be used at any time, not just when prices are rising. Combining a few of these strategies will ensure you find the best Cheap Cruise Deals in 2023.

Cruise in the off-season

You’ll pay less to sail on popular ships such as Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas during off-season months such as September, October and November.

The floating resorts, which are also cruise ships, can be considerably less expensive than resorts on the ground during the “off-season” travel month of September, October, and November.

These months are when children are back at school, so family travel is less popular.

It’s hurricane season in the Caribbean. This keeps people away from the cruise ships and land resorts.

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The off-season for cruising includes, in general, parts of January and Februarie, although it can vary by region.

The summer months of June and July have traditionally been high season for many destinations such as the Caribbean, Europe, and Alaska. Also, the busiest season for cruising is when there are major holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Get in early

Cruise world is increasingly recognizing this truth: The earlier you book, you get a better deal.

Many cruise lines offer bookings at the lowest price they can sell their trips. As the departures fill up, the cruise lines gradually raise the prices for the remaining inventory.

The best way to get the best price for any sailing is to book as soon as it opens. You should plan route ahead, as many cruise lines open reservations for sailings up to three years in advance.

It pays off to book far in advance in many ways. Booking ahead can have the advantage of ensuring you get exactly what you want. Many ships sell the most expensive cabins and suites quickly.

Are you concerned that you may miss out on a great deal if your cruise bookings are made too far in advance? The good news is that if the price of your cruise drops later, you can usually get your fare reduced to reflect the lower cost. This happens until the cruise enters the final payment window, which is usually the last few months before sailing begins. The fare paid has been locked in at that point.

Not all fare types allow you to make changes after booking. You should carefully read the details of the fare category that you are booking.

Book Late

Cruise lines often offer the lowest fare on any sailing after they open for booking, which is usually two to three years prior to its scheduled start date.

The fare will generally go up with the sailing date. In some cases, however, cruise lines may lower the cost of a cruise considerably at the last moment. If the line has a lot of unsold cabins, this can occur.

You may be able to find last-minute deals on cruises if you are flexible and able to travel quickly.

It is important to note that last-minute discounts are not as common as they used to be. Over the years, cruise lines have become more adept at revenue management.

Book cheap cruise itineraries on popular cruise lines for cruise booking and book your cruise trip online on

These deals will require you to be flexible. You can’t guarantee availability of a particular cabin type or sailing on a certain ship if you have an interest in a vacation.

You can sail on an older ship

Fares for older Royal Caribbean ships, such as the 2,191-passenger Jewel of the Seas, often are significantly less on a per-day basis than fares for newer Royal Caribbean vessels.

Many large lines will sell the most luxurious, modern cruise ships at a higher price. You can get a discount on older ships.

Older ships, while they may have more to offer than the newer ones, are often less appealing. They can be a great deal if you are looking for a bargain.

Use a travel agent

Do you prefer to travel solo? We get it.

Even if you plan to book all of your land trips yourself, you may want to hire a travel agent that specializes in booking cruises for your next trip.

This is because cruise-selling agents have access to bulk fares that are lower than the public for sailings. To lock in group fares, big travel agencies will quickly block out large portions of cabins on ships as soon as they open for booking. They then sell these over the next few months.

You may also find that cruise agents offer additional perks such as onboard credit and amenities, in addition to lower fares.

Specialized in cruising, travel agents can also help you navigate the many cabin types on certain cruise ships and steer away from cabins to avoid. They’ll also be there for you if something goes wrong on a cruise .

Take a repositioning cruise into consideration

The best deals in cruise are the cruises that cruise ships take when they move from one region to the next.

These trips are often difficult to sell because of the fact that cruise lines have difficulty selling them. They typically have very odd itineraries with few port calls and many sea days. These trips are also more expensive than weekend getaways and weeklong voyages. To fill the ships, they have to reduce the trips.


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