Allah has blessed us with parents. These are the people Allah chose for you to be raised. You can replace or have a substitute for any relationship in the world, except your parents. They are irreplaceable. It is impossible to express the love and support that your parents give you. Allah has granted them many rights over their children. Islam gives parents the right to make decisions for their children while they are young and dependent. They also have the right of being obeyed, respected, and taken care of in old age. Even if they fulfill all their rights, children cannot compensate for the sacrifices, sleepless nights and other hardships that they have to endure.

6 ways to honor your parents in Islam

Here are 6 ways you can honor your parents in Islam

Show your gratitude

Your parents did more than just provide shelter and food for you. Every child cannot imagine the sacrifices parents make for their health, careers, and lifestyle. Show gratitude to them in the form of reciprocation.

Follow them

Your best interests are in the hands of your parents. Follow their advice and listen to them. You should only disobey your parents if they give you advice against Islam.

Respect them

Sometimes it can be difficult to be patient with your parents. This can become very frustrating. Don’t lose your cool. Talk to them politely, let them start the meal, and let them go ahead. Even small gestures can make them feel valued, respected, and appreciated.

Respect their feelings

We don’t realize how old they get as we age. You can make them more sensitive and they could get hurt if you aren’t careful. Be sensitive. Spend five minutes with them. Spend five minutes with them

Take Care

They took care of your needs when you were a baby and dependent. You now take care of them when they’re old.

Dua for them

Dua for your parents. Dua for their well-being and health, Dua to ensure their happiness in the hereafter.

When Allah enjoins children to be kind and compassionate towards their parents in Quran, this injunction is always apparent soon after the injunction not to worship any other God. Allah exalted declares in the Quran
“Your Lord has ordered that you worship only Him and respecting the parents be kind to you. No matter if one or the other of them is old, do not speak contemptuously to them. Instead, address them with honor. You can also lower your ego and say, “My Lord!” You bestow thy Mercy on them, just as they loved me in childhood.


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