This guide will help you if you are looking to purchase a digital piano for your learning purposes. This guide will help beginners buy a digital piano. This guide will help you to choose the right digital piano for your needs. So, let’s start!

The Keys: Sensitivity and Response

Digital piano keys indicate how responsive and heavy the keyboard is. Although no digital piano is able to replicate the resistance of an acoustic piano, there are many great digital pianos with very realistic key actions. Look for a piano that has a counterbalanced keyboard, or a keyboard with hammer effect. A graduated keyboard provides more realistic feel and allows you to alter the responsiveness of your keys to your preference. An 88-key keyboard is recommended for beginners.

Sound Quality

Next, you should evaluate the tone and sound quality of your digital Piano. While beginners won’t require high-end sounds and tones, a budget will make a difference in the quality. A digital piano is a great choice for beginners. However, you won’t be able to improve your skills if you don’t get the best tone or sound texture for your money.

The Sampling

Digital pianos can reproduce sounds that were recorded from acoustic instruments. More The keyboard must be of high quality The greater Each sound effect is assigned a number of samples. Advanced models can also take different samples to produce the same note. The reason this happens is that the texture of an acoustic keyboard’s sound does not match the one on an electronic piano. Each brand has its own system. The most popular system is, for example, the Supernatural of Roland or the Pure CF Yamaha. Most digital pianos include several basic piano sounds.


It refers to the maximum number of notes that you can play simultaneously. The simplest models have a polyphony that is 32 notes. For the most advanced models, it can go up to 200. Why do we need so many notes when we have only ten fingers? The “sustain” pedal. This is the best example of How polyphony affects It is as shown in the next demo. You can hear the bass chord at the beginning sounding despite the increasing number of high notes.


The volume and quality of the piano’s audio output will be affected by the size, power, and quantity of the speakers. The keyboard’s overall weight also rises with increasing speaker sizes.

Sound Library

Most pianists post their interpretations on the internet as a freebie. You can use those interpretations within your digital piano model thanks to the connectivity option. Many piano manufacturers offer music libraries that can be purchased for a fee or free. Some of these can be very expensive. The music library is not dependent on the model of Piano NZ you choose. If you’re primarily interested in recording sessions for YouTube or other video platforms, don’t worry about the sound of your piano as you can change it later.


When investing in a digital keyboard, it is important to consider the materials used. Plastic keys will be found on the cheapest models, while those at the higher end will have synthetic ivory keys. These keys improve grip and provide a more realistic execution style, which can help reduce the differences between an acoustic and digital piano. A digital piano with touch sensitive and counterbalanced keys is a good choice for beginners. These keys will enhance your expressiveness and help you develop your finger technique.


It is important to consider the portability. You can buy a large-sized digital piano for your home if you have the space. If you plan to take the keyboard with you when you travel, you can choose a portable model. There are four types of digital pianos: stage, contemporary, portable, and vertical. The vertical piano looks much like an acoustic keyboard, but with the speakers in the case. Modern styles are less like a piano, and more like a standard keyboard. Stage and portable pianos can be carried easily and provide more volume for musicians who want to get the best out of their instruments. Each style has its own advantages, but it is important to understand what type of digital piano you need before purchasing any of them. Professional performers require louder sounds and must be able to take their digital stage pianos everywhere.

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