What is Tungsten Carbide?

Advantage of Carbide

Tungsten caride, also called “cemented carbide”, or “hardall”, is a type of metallurgic material that contains tungsten Ready to press powder (chemical formula:WC) and another binder (cobalt, Nickel). etc.). It can be pressed into custom shapes and ground with precision. There are many types and grades available.

Tungsten Carbide Advantages

  • It is well-known for its hardness and wear resistance relative to other metals. Tungsten carbide, which ranks at 9 on the Mohs scale and has a Vickers number around 2600, is very hard.
  • The same properties will still be maintained even at temperatures below 500F
  • Two times as stiff as steel with a Young’s modulus approximately 530-700 GPa (777,000-102,000 ksi)
  • A tungsten carbide-made wear part has twice the strength of steel and is more durable than a steel tool.

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