Your company’s top priority should be optimizing its business operations, regardless of the industry you are in. Smart companies know that they are wasting their resources on non-core functions like print and mailing services. This includes staff time and materials. Non-core functions such as Print and Mail Services, which were previously done in-house are now outsourced.

Outsourcing non-core functions such as print and mailing services allows you to focus your resources on the most important aspects of your company. This allows you to improve the efficiency and productivity of your core business functions or operations.

Printing is the second best way to cut costs and increase productivity for your business, according to NAPM (National Association of Purchasing Managers).

Outsourcing your print and mailing services will be a huge benefit to your company. Outsourcing print and mail services can help your business increase productivity, but it will also save you money over time. Outsourcing your mailings will eliminate the costs of production, storage, and distribution. It also allows you to avoid costs, such as those associated with technology and security.

This article highlights some of the many benefits that come with outsourcing printing and mailing. Each benefit is discussed in depth, including the production and efficiency advantages, optimization and compliance, and more. Outsourced mailing services are also discussed to help avoid leases with long-term commitments, improve your cash flow and reduce the risk of data breaches. This article provides a comprehensive and complete picture of the benefits and advantages of outsourcing mail.

Outsourced mailing: Benefits for Production, Workflow, and Optimization

Imagine that your organization or company communicates regularly with its target audience via direct mailings. Outsourcing printing and mailing services can transform your life if you are currently using an in-house process. Outsourced Bulk Mailing Service can streamline critical monthly customer communications. These can be Transactional, or Marketing-related. You can reduce compliance risks and costs in your business. Outsourced mailing can have a positive impact on many aspects.

  1. Equipment Expenses

Businesses tend to make major investments in equipment installation. It’s also odd that many industries, in a variety of different verticals, do not require these types of equipment to function normally. You are essentially spending a large amount of money on a piece that your business could do without.

In addition, the maintenance costs of most equipment and machinery can be high, reducing your profit margins. Outsourcing your printing services will allow you to avoid unnecessary expenditures on equipment that is not needed by your business.

Additional costs will be incurred for the installation of the equipment, as well as an operator, and for space. You may not achieve the quality you want with your installed equipment even after all of this. With an outsourced service, however, you don’t have to worry about equipment costs and can choose a provider who produces high-quality products.

  1. Payroll

You may encounter a variety of problems if you decide to print and send your direct mails using in-house labor and equipment. Above, we have discussed how the installation of equipment can be costly for your business. In order to reduce costs, the basic idea is always to reduce the number of employees. This also applies in the case for print and mailing services. It can be laborious to print your company’s marketing materials, bills, or invoices. Direct mail campaigns can be labor-intensive to print and mail.

Direct mail is not just about printing personalized mails. It also involves putting them in envelopes and validating the addresses, before handing them over a postal service provider, who will deliver them to their recipients. Outsourced print services, such as MailKing USA, are equipped with advanced automation features. Your business will no longer have to worry about the payroll for the employees who work on the direct mail.

  1. Overtime expenses

You’ve probably noticed how busy your office can be during these periods of high demand. You may be launching multiple offers or sending invoices to many customers during a busy month. You and your direct-mail team may end up working overtime in situations such as these. During peak times, most companies have two or three shifts. You will have to pay overtime for your employees.

You will no longer be responsible for overtime costs if you outsource your print and mailing services. Why? The outsource provider that you select is an expert within their field and therefore does not charge overtime fees. This is mainly because they will not have to work overtime. The outsourcing provider can handle sudden spikes in demand. MailKing USA and other automated systems are virtually unaffected.

  1. Inventory Management

Businesses also struggle with inventory management when they offer in-house printing and mailing services. The print and mail services demand additional inventory, which is not something that companies are equipped to manage. If a company wanted to launch a new in-house managed direct mail campaign, they would need to have the proper inventory for storing the mailpieces. Inventory requirements will increase as the size of the business increases.

Outsourcing printing and mailing services relieves you of the responsibility for maintaining an inventory. You can outsource your printing and mailing requirements to an outsourcing company. This means that you are responsible for everything, including safe storage of mailpieces. Outsourcing providers have an inventory system that is designed to meet the needs of their clients. This will not only help your business save on overhead costs, but it can also allow you to free up space. Some even let you control your inventory in real time online.

  1. Energy Expenses

This is because printing and mail processing equipment uses a lot energy. It will be a major expense for your business. This is a continuing expense. Unlike the initial equipment purchase, your company will need to budget money each month.

You will also require a backup system for emergencies, which can increase your costs. You can eliminate any expenses for energy by hiring an outsourcer. Outsourcing providers are able to maximize their efficiency by using power-saving technology and an environmentally sustainable model, since they often have multiple, similar needs.

  1. Consumables

Consumables can seem like a simple thing to manage if you are only dealing with a small amount of them. Consumables are supplies like paper, ink and oil. You may make a mistake with the quantity, or you may make a mistake with the quality. It’s not always the quality of your direct mail or product that’s at fault. Sometimes, it’s a combination of supplies.

Outsourcing your printing and mailing to a provider will save you from having to navigate these complex scenarios. They’ll take care of everything. You only need to ensure that the final product is high-quality. You can also choose to work with a service provider who is environmentally friendly if that’s what you prefer. It is important to check their quality of work before doing business.

  1. Save on Postage

Outsourced printing and mail providers may have a different total cost per job depending on what they are doing, but can still use presorting automation and its various levels to maximize your savings. In-house printing and Letter Mailer are often unaware of how to maximize postal mailing for maximum savings.

Outsourcing providers, on the other hand will analyze your mail to ensure that you receive the lowest rates possible. They may even suggest envelope sizes and duplex printing to maximize your savings.

  1. Reduce Risks

Direct mail is easier to say than do. Direct mail is governed by legal requirements. Most people don’t know this. Most people are not aware of the legal compliance that exists regarding direct mail.

All reliable printing and mailing services are already compliant, so you can reach your target audience or recipients effectively. This also means you can shift your liability, along with that of backup and business continuity planning, to the mailing service provider. They also produce documents and process data, reducing your risk.

  1. Production Reporting

Companies that use an internal system to print and mail their products rely heavily on the manual reporting of one employee. Manual reports are also subject to errors, which can be as minor as they may seem. However, this can have a major impact on the overall effort of your business.

You can access superior management reporting tools online, and they are accurate, as well as accessible from anywhere. You will also receive real-time updates on the status of your work, along with valuable insights to help you optimise your direct mail operations.

  1. Privacy & Data Security

One of the biggest advantages to hiring a mail-outsourcing company is that it offers privacy and data protection. It may be necessary to upgrade the infrastructure in order to comply with industry regulations. This can be expensive for companies that run their printing and mailing services internally.

MailKing USA, a reliable mail outsourcer, ensures your data is safe with its superior data security. MailKing USA and other outsourcing companies regularly communicate with their customers to meet their security needs.

The conclusion of the article is:

Print and mail services have been a part of many businesses for decades, and they are still being adopted by more today. Many businesses opt to print and mail their direct mailings in-house, but this can be detrimental to their business. Outsourcing print and mailing services is the best option if you don’t have the necessary resources, equipment and experience.


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