Maus, a Brazilian Start-up, Secures $16M and $19M Series A and B Funding Respectively

Blog Introduction: Brazil-based start-up Maus is shaking up the tech industry after securing two rounds of funding totaling $35 million. Series A funding was secured in April 2021 for an impressive $16 million while Series B funding came shortly after in June 2021 with a staggering $19 million. It’s no surprise that the start-up has caught the attention of venture capitalists and tech enthusiasts alike. Let’s explore why investors are so interested in this new Brazilian business.

What Does Maus Do?

Maus is focused on helping businesses develop well-designed software that works. The company provides software engineering services to help companies create products tailored to their specific needs. By taking advantage of machine learning, designers can craft applications that are easy to use and navigate and respond quickly to customer requests. Additionally, Maus provides tools for developers that allow them to develop apps faster without sacrificing quality or design integrity. This helps companies save time and money during their development process while ensuring they have a product they can be proud of at the end of it all.

Why Investors Are Taking Notice

The world has become increasingly connected over the last decade, and with it has come a greater need for efficient software development solutions. Companies now need products that can adapt quickly to changing market conditions, customer needs, and technological advances—all while remaining user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. With its unique approach to software engineering services, Maus offers just this kind of solution to its clients—and investors across the globe have taken notice.

Why Maus Could Be the Future of Software Development

With its combination of machine learning technology and human creativity, Maus is leading the charge when it comes to developing user-friendly software solutions that are also efficient and cost effective. As more companies begin looking for ways to stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape, many could turn towards Maus as their go-to provider for custom tailored software development services—making it an attractive investment opportunity for venture capitalists looking to get ahead of the curve.


It’s clear why investors have been so eager to get involved with Maus following its successful fundraising efforts earlier this year; not only does it provide excellent software engineering services but it also offers a glimpse into what could be the future of software development — one driven by both machine learning technology and human innovation working together seamlessly towards creating products we never thought possible before now! As more businesses look towards building products tailored specifically for them, we may see even more investments like these in the near future — making now an exciting time indeed for budding entrepreneurs across Brazil!

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