Introduction to DirectDeals

In the realm of software purchasing, DirectDeals stands out with its competitive pricing and variety. Offering a vast selection of software from renowned brands, DirectDeals specializes in providing high-quality, genuine products at unbeatable prices.

An Overview of Microsoft Licensing

The world of Microsoft Licensing can be complex. DirectDeals helps you navigate this landscape by offering a variety of licenses, including Windows Server, SQL Server, and many others.

Windows Server: A Reliable Backbone for Businesses

The Windows Server forms an integral part of any business IT infrastructure. It provides a sturdy and reliable backbone, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficient operations.

The Importance of Windows Server

This server system ensures seamless network connectivity, robust data storage, and efficient business operations.

Key Features of Windows Server

The Windows Server packs a punch with features like advanced multi-layer security, hybrid capabilities with Azure, and faster innovation for applications.

Why Buy from DirectDeals

DirectDeals offers the most competitive prices for Windows Server licenses, ensuring your business can run smoothly without breaking the bank.

SQL Server: Database Management Made Easy

SQL Server is Microsoft’s flagship database management system. It is designed to handle a wide range of data processing and analytics tasks, making it an essential tool for businesses.

Features and Benefits of SQL Server

Scalability and Performance

SQL Server offers high scalability and performance, ensuring your data processing needs are met without a hitch.

Advanced Security

With features like Transparent Data Encryption and Always Encrypted technology, SQL Server keeps your data secure.

Business Intelligence

SQL Server comes equipped with advanced analytics and business intelligence tools, turning your data into actionable insights.

Remote Desktop Services: A New Era of Remote Access

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) enable businesses to provide secure, remote access to their network. It’s a pivotal tool in today’s remote-centric work culture.

Advantages of Remote Desktop Services

Enhanced Mobility

RDS allows employees to access their work resources from anywhere, boosting productivity and flexibility.


RDS ensures all remote connections are secure, safeguarding your network from potential threats.

Centralized Control

With RDS, you have central control over your network, making it easier to manage and monitor your IT resources.

Other Noteworthy Software at DirectDeals

Apart from Windows Server, SQL Server, and Remote Desktop Services, DirectDeals also provides a variety of other software solutions.

Project, Windows, Office for Mac, Exchange, Visio, Antivirus

Whether you need project management tools, Windows operating systems, Office for Mac, Exchange Server, Visio, or Antivirus software, DirectDeals has you covered.

Why Choose DirectDeals for Your Software Needs

Competitive Pricing

DirectDeals is known for its competitive pricing. With them, you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal possible.

A Variety of Software Options

From Windows Server to SQL Server, Remote Desktop Services to antivirus software, DirectDeals has a wide variety of software to meet your business needs.

Unbeatable Customer Service

DirectDeals provides exceptional customer service. Their team is ready to assist you with your purchase and answer any queries you may have.

Authenticity Guaranteed

With DirectDeals, you never have to worry about the authenticity of your software. All products sold are 100% genuine.


When it comes to purchasing software, DirectDeals is a trusted partner. Their affordable pricing, vast selection, excellent customer service, and guaranteed authenticity make them the go-to choice for businesses.

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