Diesel particle filters, or DPF as they’re commonly called, are devices that are fitted to diesel vehicles to remove diesel particulate matter from exhaust fumes. Regeneration is when the DPF captures the soot and stores it until the engine heats up enough to burn it off.

DPF Removal: Everything You Need To Know

DPF’s require to regenerate to burn excess soot. A motorway run usually sorts this. However, DPF-equipped cars that are used for short runs or city driving won’t allow them to heat up enough to enable regen to occur, which can lead to clogging of the exhaust and adverse effects on the car’s performance.

DPF deletion, also known as DPF Delete remap, is one way to get around this problem and improve performance. It also requires an engine remap in order for it to work effectively. Because it is a mandatory part of European emission control, modern turbo diesel management systems all use a DPF. A DPF can only regenerate so many times before the soot becomes too dense. At that point, replacement or removal of the DPF is necessary.

What does a DPF Delete mean?

DPF bypass and removal services for diesel engines are readily available on the market. They are starting to attract a lot of attention from those who want to increase their engine performance. Diesel engines are now more complex due to the advancements in technology. A DPF remover kit or procedure is also required to get rid of a DPF. This is basically used to remove DPF that has accumulated and become clogged with diesel soot or other debris.

There are two main components to the process: a tune or re-map and an exhaust. The software is responsible for tuning or re-map. It configures and equips your engine to run without a DPF. The exhaust fills in the gap left behind by the DPF.

Is it possible to delete the DPF and not remove it?

It is possible to re-map your engine or tune it so that the DPF is not used. This is not a good way to solve the problem. The DPF will still clog and you will lose all benefits.

You won’t see any more soot or debris, and you could end up paying more if you need to replace the DPF.

Is it possible to remove the DPF without having to re-map?

It is similar to how you cannot remap without removing. The same applies for removing DPF without a map. It is strongly recommended that you do not remove the DPF without tuning your supporting engine. Most modern cars have DPF’s. They are often equipped with multiple sensors. If one sensor is not properly configured, it can cause malfunctions and severe damage to the entire system.

It will affect the engine’s functionality, and could even lead to higher fuel costs. You won’t notice any difference in your engine’s performance or mileage without the tune. You must code and configure your engine so it can function without the DPF.

Is a DPF Delete liable to fail an MOT

Yes. All MOT testers must check that the DPF filter is in working order. This requirement was implemented in February 2014. Your chances of passing an MOT test are reduced if the filter is not present.

From February 2014, garages and testing stations will need to inspect the exhaust system for diesel particulate filters (DPF). This inspection is part of the MOT (or annual heavy vehicle test)

If the vehicle’s filter was not installed as standard, it will fail the MOT test.

It is possible for your local MOT tester to ignore or turn a blindeye to the fact that your DPF has disappeared, but only if he does his job properly your car will fail. Any sign that the DPF has been altered by a garage will be reported to the MOT.

Is it legal for DPF to delete?

The DPF can be physically removed, but it is not illegal or a crime. However, if a vehicle has had its DPF removed from it on the public roads, it is illegal to do so and can result in a four-figure fine.

You should verify that the diesel cans you’re buying or having purchased are legal. Even if you don’t know it, you will be fined. Any car that fails to pass an MOT (cars equipped with DPF delete) is not road-legal.

If your vehicle will not be used on the public roads, it is possible to have it removed. DPF’s can be removed from Land Rovers by Farmers to increase torque and towing. This applies to any vehicle that does not need an MOT to drive on public roads.

Where can I find a DPF Delete?

Many garages can perform a DPF deletion. While they aren’t breaking the law, the garages will delete the DPF. However, the vehicle owner is responsible for the risks once the vehicle is on public roads. Online ordering of DPF removal kits can be done. These kits often include a tuning device as well as instructions. This is something we would not recommend unless you are a highly skilled mechanic.

A DPF Removal is what you are looking for? Then please visit one of our trusted service providers. They will be able help.

In conclusion

There are many benefits to your car’s running condition if you remove DPF. There are no replacement costs for DPF, no limping when the vehicle does a forced renewal, and improved MPG because the air restriction has been removed. This allows the engine to breathe better. The vehicle’s power output is slightly increased, and there are more options depending on where you go. A DPF removal allows safe use of biofuels, even if the diesel particles are allowed to fly through the exhaust.

Although it is legal to remove a DPF from your vehicle, it is against the Road Vehicles Regulations for you to use a vehicle modified to not comply with the standards of air pollution emissions it was intended to meet. These requirements will almost always be violated if a DPF filter is removed.

The MOT test will now include an inspection of the exhaust system. This inspection will also check for the presence or absence of a DPF. An MOT failure will be caused by a missing DPF. Failure to adhere to Regulation 61a could result in a fine of up to PS1,000 per vehicle or PS2,500 for light goods vehicles.

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