This was to be a weekend project. It was expected to take one hour, but it took two. Then you realized that there were ten trillion showerheads. They all look strange and fancy.

Showerheads are an appliance that you don’t think twice about until you need one. When you do need one, you discover a world of water pressure, sizing, and functionality. We are your guide through this new, frightening world. Here are some things to consider when you pick out a new showerhead.

How to Choose the Best Showerhead

The National Pipe Thread is standardized in the US. The fitting connecting the shower head to the elbow will almost always be 1/2 inch NPT. It shouldn’t be a problem if your shower head fits onto your shower elbow.

There are many types of Showerhead For Your Bathroom. You can start your search by determining which type you prefer and which one would be the best for your shower. These are the most popular types of showerheads:

  • Single-head Wall-mounted: A simple, bowl-shaped head that attaches to the shower elbow. The single-head showerhead has the advantage of being simple and flexible.
  • Hand-held: These showerheads can be connected to the shower elbow’s hose. The showerhead can be detached from the wall holder. Showerheads can be either hand-held or conventional.
  • Ceiling (or Rain): These showerheads attach to an arm with a long “L” or “P” shape that attaches at the elbow of the showerhead. This arm places the showerhead directly above the person using the showerhead.

You can always bring your existing showerhead with, if you’re not sure what you want. You can tell the sales clerk that you want something very different or similar. For convenience, you could also take photos of your shower.

Choose the right pressure of water

For effective flow, different showerheads need different psi. Your home may not have sufficient water pressure to allow water to flow effectively.

Shower heads require between 40-60 psi. You should check your water pressure to ensure that you get the right showerhead. You can take steps such to increase your water pressure if it isn’t enough.

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The Right Spray Pattern

Showerhead nozzles can spray water in different patterns or intensities. Many showerheads have several settings that you can adjust directly on the head. Consider the type of shower you want, then search for a head with that setting. These are some basic settings that you might find on a showerhead.

  • Wide is a default. Each nozzle sprays water at the same speed and consistency.
  • Targeted – Shoots water harder than normal, with only a handful of nozzles.
  • Rinse : Pour water from the central nozzles to soak.
  • Pulsating : Shoots water from nozzles in alternating pattern.

Mind Energy Consumption

Showerheads will consume more energy if they require more water pressure. Showerheads are the third most water-consuming appliance in an average US home. Average showerheads use 2.1 gallons per hour (gpm).


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