Do you want to create your own FiveM server? You don’t need technical knowledge, but you still want to do it.

How To Start A FiveM Server In 2022: Hosting, Setup And Server Features

This blog post will show you how to set up a FiveM server. I’ll also be discussing the best hosting options and the process of setting it up. We will also discuss what costs are associated with setting up your FiveM server, as well as what features you can expect.

Our top pick

Zap Hosting – Best FiveM Hosting Service in 2022

Are you looking to set up your own FiveMserver. The best and most obvious choice is to go with the official FiveM hosting provider Zap Hosting.

These plans offer a lot of customization and flexibility, so you can create a server that is just right for you.

This blog post is not suitable for everyone, as it requires some technical skills. Continue reading if you want to learn more about setting up a More for FiveM Server Hosting, or if you are interested in how to do it yourself.

How do you start a FiveM server by 2022?

Here are our guidelines to help you start your FiveM server or choose the best FiveM hosting plan for your needs. We tried to make the instructions as simple as possible, and not to overwhelm you with technical information.

  1. Find a hosting provider to host your FiveM server

Finding a hosting provider is the first step in creating a five-meter server.

FiveM hosting is a server used to host your GTA 5 environment. You can have it as a virtual or physical machine. It will require sufficient resources to ensure that players do not experience lag when playing on your servers. It will cost you according to how complicated your server is and the features that you wish it to have.

FiveM server hosting is available in many ways, but the best option for us is one of these:

The following are included in the server package:

  • No need to use a VPN.
  • Bandwidth up to 20 GB per Month
  • SSD hard drives with RAID configuration offer unlimited disk space – faster loading times than HDDs and traditional SATA disks.
  • 27/8 customer support via phone & ticket system
  • You can access Zap’s control panel anywhere you have an internet connection.

Popular hosting provider that offers many options to rent five million servers for a low price! If you require more power or storage, you can upgrade your package at any moment.

The hosting provider will send you the files and instructions for setting up your private FiveM servers after the purchase.

  1. Choose a domain name to host your server

Next, you need to choose a domain name. This domain name should match the server’s name to make it easier for people to find your site and to let them know what to expect from the FiveM server.

Many hosting companies will give you a domain name of your choosing when you sign up for one of their premium plans. However, if you don’t get a domain name free of charge, I recommend that you order it from IONOS. They offer a $ domain deal that lasts for one year. This is an easy option.

  1. Setup the server on FiveM

First, install FiveM Client and log in to your FiveM account. After that, you’ll be asked to create a server.

Next, you need to locate a server location. This is the physical address of your FiveM server. You can use any country with servers (e.g., if someone lives in Canada they could choose “Canada”. It is generated automatically after the information has been entered into FiveM’s client app.

You must choose a name for your server. This cannot be changed later, so make sure you love it!

Next, choose the server size. This refers to the number of players who can play on your server at once. It ranges between 16-128

Before clicking “Create Server”, at the bottom of the screen, fill in all fields, including maximum players, game mode and map size.

FiveM Hosting: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the FiveM server hosting requirements

The requirements for hosting FiveM servers vary depending on how big your server is. You will need at minimum one gigabyte (GB), RAM, and three gigabytes of disk space to host a 16-player FiveM Server.

Each additional slot adds to the requirements. 128 slots would require 2 gigs of memory or more. 4 times as much if there were 256 slotted server. These are large-scale operations often used by clans and other organizations who want their own dedicated gaming experience.

What is the cost of hosting a FiveM server on your computer?

Hosting a FiveM Server costs vary depending on which hosting service you choose and how much bandwidth you need. These are the most popular types:

  • Dedicated Hosting – VPS servers that are dedicated to gaming servers, such as RAM/CPU power.
  • Shared Webhosts: Provide virtual private space for multiple websites, but only one IP address. Prices start at $25 to $100 per month. Prices vary depending on the features that they offer.

Is it possible to start a server of five meters for free?

You can create a five-m server at no extra cost.

  • A computer (or virtualmachine) that supports 64-bit architecture.
  • Allow FiveM Server files to download and install on your system. Files are approximately 500MB in size as of this writing. You can add more game modes and maps later when they become available by developers.
  • You should have sufficient knowledge of hosting private servers and the ability to follow technical tutorials.


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