Japanese researchers recently set a new internet speed record. In layman’s terms,

NICT researchers recently set a new world record for fastest internet speed at 319 Terabytes per second (Tbps).

The data was sent 3,001 km long-haul.

The previous record of 178 Tbps was set by researchers from the University College London.

319 Tbps is a remarkable speed for online data transfer. 1000 GB = 1 TB (GB). Most home connections use Mb/s (Mbps). An internet connection of 1 GBPS is ten times faster than one of Mbps.

What can 319 Tbps do?

319 terabytes per second means forget Netflix’s entire catalogue. Even the platform’s vast offerings could download everything as soon as you tap the download button. The previous record of 178 Tbps could download Netflix in under a second. Imagine the speeds!

319 Tbps is an incredible internet speed. That’s 57,000 full-length movies in less than a second. This is theoretical. In practise, no one could download 57,000 films per second.

Spotify’s entire catalogue can be downloaded in under 3 seconds at 319 Tbps! But these speeds aren’t commercial and require infrastructure.

Which countries have fast internet?

According to 2020, South Korea has the world’s fastest mobile broadband speed of 100 Mbps. According to the same report, Singapore has the fastest fixed-line broadband at 2015 Mbps!

Hong Kong and Romania came in second and third with 210.73 Mbps and 194.47 Mbps. According to the same report, India’s internet speed is 38.19 Mbps for fixed broadband and 12.16 Mbps for mobile.

Researchers hope the mechanism can be used to upgrade existing data transmission models to support 5G speeds, which are not yet universal.

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