Do you wonder if MosaLingua could be the right platform to learn languages?

Amigo, Listen! MosaLingua has been my experience for about a week. I’m familiar with the user interface so I decided to share my thoughts and write a MosaLingua review.

To be honest, I’ve also used other language learning platforms in order to see how MosaLingua is different from its competitors.

This article will cover all you need to know about MosaLingua. It’s how it works, its pricing, who it is most suited to, and the pros and cons.

MosaLingua is an independent language learning platform . MosaLingua is accessible on any mobile device (or computer).

MosaLingua has carefully selected a group of highly qualified polyglots to be their instructors. They are great teachers at each level. The instructor is not required to teach another level.

What does MosaLingua do?

MosaLingua’s learning process is simple. You only need to choose a program that fits your needs and budget, then you’re ready to go.

Each language has a large number of levels. was the chosen language. There were 19 levels, with audiobooks, dialogues, flashcards and flashcards. Flashcards are dependent on the language.

This unique teaching method instantly lets you know if your memory is being depleted. It is supported by science used in MosaLingua.

There is no need to create a test in order to pass the acknowledgment or learning of the teachings. Only the audiobooks and dialogues are required to learn .

What is it?

MosaLearning is a key reason why MosaLingua has a distinct advantage over its competitors. MosaLearning is the method used to learn MosaLingua. It is supported by science.

This method uses aspects of human psychology to learn a new language. Global scientists have approved and tested it. It has been used by more than 500,00 people.

Although MosaLearning may look like an uncommon term, the useful functions it provides are extremely valuable. It follows a unique pattern, and takes a different approach to teaching.

  • The Spaced Repetition System

To retain a concept for a long time, you must give gaps. The system recommends that you learn a specific word, give a little gap and then review it again after a while.

After reviewing the word again, take a few more hours to review it. Finally, you can go back and revise it after a few days. This will help to retain it in your long-term memory. MosaLingua claims it is a modified algorithm.

The learning process is more important than the science. It is true. I am living proof.

  • Active Recall

According to MosaLingua, using flashcards in learning modules takes more effort, but produces amazing results.

You have the right to respond to the visualization and to come up with a solution. This is known as active recall.

This theory states that you must be able to recall information and retain it.

  • Metacognition

Metacognition is a method to assess your learnings through self-assessment, before revealing the true answer. It is simple but significant.

You can then reflect on your thoughts and strengthen your memory.

  • The Pareto Principle

MosaLingua recommends this principle because it allows the learner to learn all commonly used words and not just ranking them word by word . This leads to instant progress that is easy and quick.

MosaLingua claims you will be able to comprehend the base language if you are able to sit down for 10 minutes per days using their platform for no more than three months.

  • Learner Motivation & Psychology

A student will usually feel tired after too many hours of study or too much pressure.

Learning a language is no different. It can feel overwhelming to absorb all of it. MosaLingua provides free assistance via mail to help you learn a new language.

MosaLearning Method is the combination of these five components. It is well-established and the learners follow it, but MosaLingua states that they are constantly updating it.

What is it like to take a MosaLingua lesson? (My experience)

Let me now briefly skim through a typical MosaLingua lesson.

Spanish was the language I chose, as it is one I love. Flashcards were my first set of introductory flashcards.

The image was coded with audio pronunciation to allow visualization. It is possible to listen to the audio and understand the meaning of the word better.

At least five times was enough for me to start. Things started to go smoothly. You are asked to answer the flashcards by recording the word with the correct pronunciation.

You won’t be able to hear how different words can sound. A generator will track your progress and accelerate flashcards.

This will display statistics about your learning speed. This will help you to improve your learning. The flashcards are followed by the dialogues section. This section contains a variety of dialogues.

Don’t worry. These dialogues are concise and easy to understand, practice, and pronounce.

After completing flashcards, you can unlock a collection of audiobooks, music and videos. You can also access a MosaLingua resource tab that acts as a guide for practice.

You can also find a variety of magazines, newspapers, movies, and other resources that will help you learn. MosaLingua was my first introduction to Spanish newspapers. It was a wonderful experience.

MosaLingua was a unique learning experience.

I started by learning vocabulary with flashcards. Then, I tracked my progress and discovered effective learning materials that allowed me to keep up the pace.

Who is the best-suited to MosaLingua?

You might be skeptical because MosaLingua has a different approach to teaching a language to learners. It wasn’t a problem for me. I used it to determine who was most suitable for the MosaLingua teaching method.

If you are:

  • A person who enjoys learning a new language on their own.
  • Learners who are able to use audio pronunciation and flashcards
  • Are you ready to invest in self-learning languages and guidance materials?

There are no tests for revising the language learning. It will be self-learn with audio pronunciations and the appropriate materials.

What I liked about MosaLingua:

MosaLingua was a platform I enjoyed a lot. These are:

Although the learning is divided into different sections and names, MosaLingua covers all aspects of learning a language, from reading to speaking to listening. You will get an overview of the language that you are studying.

This feature is often absent on other platforms. Or they focus only one teaching method and forget about the rest. MosaLingua produced a wide range of learning content.

This is a great place to start when looking for a platform to learn languages. It was found in MosaLingua, which I am grateful for.

MosaLearning method 

This is the reason why I love MosaLingua. It is scientific and teaches you how to learn. False advertisements are not a good idea. I have actually experienced it in person and it is real.

It was easy to tell the difference in MosaLingua learning from other platforms that offer language learning.

These principles are followed by the platform throughout your learning. This includes memory optimization, learning commonly used words and reflecting on your thoughts.


To keep the course going, you will be provided with lots of content, including audiobooks, language-based videos and music. We would usually search Google to put into practice the lessons we have learned.

MosaLingua is a platform that has all the material you need, including magazines, newspapers, audios and songs. Later, I was engrossed in Spanish pop culture.

MosaLingua Review: Pros & Cons

These are the advantages and drawbacks to using MosaLingua.


  • MosaLingua has many flashcards. They also cover real-life situations. This gives you an idea how to interact with another language in certain circumstances.
  • All elements of language will be taught to you, including reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar.
  • They have developed a scientifically-proven method called MosaLearning to optimize your memory.
  • MosaLingua has many dialogues that you can use to learn a language.
  • You can get connected to them and other students through their active teacher community.


  • A few poor-quality recordings can hinder the learning process.
  • MosaLingua’s interface is not as interactive as other language-learning apps.

How much does MosaLingua cost?

You should be prepared for some exciting pricing plans in MosaLingua’s various categories.

MosaLingua: Pricing Plans

  • MosaLingua Premium offers a free trial at $59.90/year (billed at $4.99/month), which is the most preferred plan in MosaLingua.

Additional MosaLingua addon packages are:

  • MosaSpeak is a set of eight modules that costs $99/-
  • MosaSeries, a 6-month subscription plan comes with a free 15-day trial for $9.98/m.
  • MosaTraining, a premium package priced at $130/month, is available.

MosaLingua premium is the most popular package. These add-ons are confusing and don’t fully cover learning a new language. MosaLingua Premium was very effective in my learning Spanish.

NOTE: If you are looking to take your learnings to the next level, add-on packages may be a good option.

MosaLingua – Refund policy

While there are no refund policies for MosaLingua , you can still use the 30-day money-back guarantee to get your money back regardless of how you used the platform.

You just need to fill out a form and then send it to them. You can use MosaLingua at your own risk.

Welcome, friends of Marianna Felfoldi!

Try MosaLingua Premium, no strings attached.

then the “Start my free trial” button

MosaLingua Alternatives:

If you’re not satisfied with MosaLingua, or want to find better options, You can relax, I have you covered. These are some great alternatives to MosaLingua you might enjoy:

  • Mondly

Mondly is a great choice for learning a language. It offers chatbot conversation, game-like experience and progress tracker.

An intelligent calendar is also included to help you get started with your learning. Mondly is a step ahead of MosaLingua in augmented reality level extension.

Mondly is a great application to learn new languages.

One language can be purchased for $9.99/month, one language per year for $47.99/year, and 33 languages per year for $479.99/year.

  • Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone, which offers 25 languages to choose form, is one of the most important language learning platforms. It offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to use.

Rosetta Stone offers more lessons than MosaLingua to help you learn a language. It uses the formal method of teaching languages that might be interesting to some people.

Either pay $179 for lifetime access or $7.99 per month to subscribe to the subscription plan.

  • Duolingo

Duolingo is an innovative language learning app with attractive visuals and graphics. It allows users to learn a new language while having fun.

MosaLingua is distinguished by its MosaLearning method and amazing audiobooks and learning resources. Duolingo, however, is limited to sentences, words, and phrases.

You can use the platform for free but will need to pay $83.33 per annum or $6.99 per per month to remove ads.

I reviewed MosaLingua while reviewing

While reviewing MosaLingua, there were many aspects I thought about. Because I love Spanish and wanted to learn it, I chose Spanish.

I decided to learn Level 1 Spanish for a week.

I was able complete 40+ flashcards, which allowed me to unlock the audiobooks. Although I was able to learn a few Spanish dialogues, it was difficult to remember the words.

Learnable Dialogues

Although you cannot immediately take the dialogue lessons at once, after you have completed the flashcards you will be able to choose to do so.

There are many ways to learn dialogues. It is possible to turn on audio with English or Spanish subtitles.

This package includes everything you need to know to read, speak, and understand a sentence.

To better understand the sentences, it is recommended that you listen to the original without subtitles or translations.


Flashcards are one of the most important features of MosaLingua. They allow the learner instantly to grasp the word using either an audio or written word.

You can select to either listen & repeat or memorize flashcards. This is a great feature that you should try.

Flashcards are not rushed. First, you listen to the audio and then the spelling. You will be asked to record your pronunciation later. It’s as easy as it sounds.


MosaLingua’s Hands-free feature is another great tool. It allows users to listen to the audio and have the word written in English.

The twist is that the learner must answer the question in the selected language. Engaging practice is also required.

Final verdict: Is MosaLingua worth it in 2023?

MosaLingua is the best language learning platform thanks to their unique approach, MosaLearning. This method has also been scientifically validated.

MosaLingua offers excellent content, flashcard learning and dialogue learning. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to learn a language with principles.

MosaLingua is still relevant despite its limitations, such as an outdated interface and formal lessons.

The investment in specific tools such as the hands-free feature or the content library is worth it. The platform may seem outdated, but that does not mean it is inferior in quality. Overall, MosaLingua seems worth the effort.


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