It seems like every day there is a new ingredient in skin care that promises to improve your skin. Some ingredients are hype, while others really work. Peptides are one of those.

Polypeptides are naturally found in skin but also in many skin care products.

Peptides are amino acid chains that form certain proteins required by the skin. Add peptides to your skin and it will produce collagen. A higher collagen content can result in skin that looks younger and firmer.

Your body produces collagen naturally. Over time, production of collagen decreases . This can make skin look wrinkled, duller and more uneven. Here’s some information to consider before you grab that bottle.

Benefits from peptides

It is not possible to absorb collagen through the skin. This is why many people opt to consume bone broth rich in collagen, or collagen supplements.

The body can use peptides that are absorbed into the skin. Skin care products that contain peptides have many benefits.

Improved skin barrier

The skin layerTrusted Source protects the body from bacteria, UV rays and pollution. excessive exfoliation can damage the skin barrier, as well as exposure to pollution and cigarette smoke. Peptides can help create a stronger skin barrier.

Reduce wrinkles

Collagen can plump lips and skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are less noticeable when the skin is plumper and firmer.

More elastic skin

Elastin fibres are also made up of Peptides for sale Australia. They are also a form of protein. These fibers give skin a firmer, tauter appearance.

Reduces inflammation

Peptides are able to reduce inflammation and repair damaged skin. They can also even out the skin tone.

Can help clear breakouts

Some peptides can be antimicrobialSource. This means they can kill bacteria which cause acne.

How skin peptides work

They can also penetrate the outer skin layer, so they are able to sink deeper into the skin. They are messengers that send messages to the other cells. They tell the cells to make collagen and elastin.

Choosing peptide products

It can be difficult to decide where to begin when there are so many peptide-containing products available. How to buy peptides and seven brands of skin care to consider

  • Choose the right form. Select a product such as a serum, or a moisturiser which has prolonged contact with skin. A cleanser for instance, will not be as effective since it is rinsed off.
  • Select other ingredients carefully. Peptides are effective when combined with other ingredients such as vitamin C, niacinamide, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. The peptide will work much less effectively if you use it with an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA).
  • Labels are important. You want peptides to be listed near the top of the list of ingredients. These may also be listed under “palmitoyl.”

This was helpful.  

Limitations and drawbacks of peptides

Some claim that peptides are as effective as BotoxTrusted source. It’s because neurotransmitter-peptides temporarily block chemicals which cause muscle contractions, but they are not as effective Botox.

There are some downsides to peptides.


  • Peptides can be expensive.
  • Research is ongoing. Other ingredients such as AHAs, retinol and other ingredients that are more scientifically supported anti-aging ingredients include retinol .
  • Some peptides have no effect on skin.
  • You can ask a dermatologist for advice, since the term “peptide” is sometimes used to market products.
  • Rarely, a allergy may occur.

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Peptides, which are amino acids, are the building blocks for certain proteins that the skin needs like collagen and elastic.

A serum or moisturizer containing peptides may lead to firmer and younger-looking skin, as well as fewer breakouts. While peptides are generally safe, further research is required to determine their effectiveness.


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