Panama, known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, offers a unique opportunity for retirees seeking a blend of modern amenities and rich traditions. The Panamanian Pensionado Visa provides a gateway to this fulfilling lifestyle.

What is the Pensionado Visa?

The Pensionado Visa is a residency program for foreign retirees, characterized by its straightforward requirements and generous benefits. It includes income requirements of $1,000 per month, or $750 if owning property in Panama worth at least $100,000.

Requirements for the Panama Retirement Visa

Applicants must demonstrate a permanent pension income, obtain a health certificate, provide a police record, submit passport copies, and more. Engaging a Panamanian lawyer is crucial for the application.

Application Process for the Pensionado Visa

The process involves gathering documents, legal representation, document translation, and submission of the application. A temporary visa is issued first, followed by permanent residency upon approval.

Benefits of the Pensionado Visa

The Panama Retirement Visa offers significant discounts on healthcare, entertainment, restaurants, airfare, and utility bills. It also provides a path to permanent residency with no tax on foreign income.

Comparison with Other Visas

The Pensionado Visa is more cost-effective and easier to obtain compared to other visas like the Friendly Nations Visa, Digital Nomad Visa, and the Qualified Investor Visa.

Application Timeline

Obtaining the Pensionado Visa typically takes 3 to 6 months, depending on various factors including the efficiency of the Panamanian authorities and the completeness of the application.

Why Choose Panama Law Connection

Panama Law Connection specializes in assisting English-speaking expats with the Pensionado Visa application, offering expertise in Panamanian immigration law and comprehensive support in English.

Tax Implications for Pensionado Visa Holders

Panama’s territorial tax system means foreign-source income, like pensions, is not taxed. However, local income is subject to Panamanian taxes, and U.S. citizens must comply with FBAR and FATCA requirements.

Living in Panama

Retirement Visa Panama offers an affordable cost of living, a welcoming atmosphere, and a vibrant expatriate community, making it an attractive destination for retirees.

Real Estate in Panama

The country offers potential property tax benefits for real estate owners, making it an attractive option for retirees looking to invest in property.

Healthcare in Panama

Panama provides quality healthcare services accessible to retirees, with various options available for different needs.

Community and Social Life

The country boasts a thriving expatriate community, offering numerous social and recreational activities for retirees.

Safety and Security

Panama is generally considered safe for expatriates, but it’s important to be aware of safety considerations in different areas.


Retiring in Panama with a Pensionado Visa offers a combination of affordable luxuries, financial benefits, and a high quality of life.


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