There is no way to get a third of the marketing you have spent in the event that you win a case. All time spent on marketing to an attorney for personal injuries is just the cost of running a business. Marketing is a vital expense of running a business. Most successful lawyers for personal injuries are ones who have a large marketing. This includes advertisements on television newspaper ads, bus advertisements and, of course, online. In reality, a legal blogger could be the primary element for any legal personal injury firm’s marketing strategy. Since even if a potential customer sees a lawyer’s advertisement on the television or in a bus, the prospective customer is bound search for the lawyer and law firm on the internet. You can also save money by hiring a legal blog writer as well!

Save Money with a Legal Blog Writer: Proven Math

It is the reason having an up-to-date informative, well-organized, and overall strong website is vital. Potential clients want the be treated with the highest level of care particularly if they’ve been seriously injured due to the negligence of another. If a site is not incomplete or inaccurate or the content is not useful potential clients is likely to move to another personal injury attorney who does have their site up to date.

This is the reason why Personal Injury Lawyers require the Legal Content writer

Laws pertaining to personal injuries are difficult enough. You must be aware of the law and medicine thoroughly. The liability issue can be a bit complicated. This is especially true for cases involving engineering. Personal injury lawyers must know all aspects. This makes the process of learning SEO or search engines optimization (SEO) much more complex. It’s also not necessary. There’s not enough time to think about all these kinds of protection and nuances. This is especially true since Google continuously updates and alters its algorithm. This makes it more difficult for lawyers.

The most compelling motives for a Personal Injury Attorney to employ a Legal Content Writer are:

  1. A majority of professional content creators have published more personal injury blogs than lawyers who write personal injury papers. How many motions, appeals pleas, and other papers are you able to create in one day? Or even a week? Month? Month? Personal Injury Legal Content writer at Legal content writer, LLC writes about fifteen personal injury blog posts each week. It’s not just an enormous quantity of content, it are also fifteen different subjects the Legal Content Writer and team are aware of. can help clients find their way are what people who have suffered injuries are looking for. They also will provide you with additional attorney recommendations. Are you able to think of 15 different subjects this week? So what about 60 topics in one month? !
  2. Search Engine Optimization is not written in legal jargon. Let’s face it even if you create the most blog posts and content on your legal lawyer’s website, but it doesn’t guarantee new clients. This isn’t baseball even if you design it there is no guarantee that they will come. You must be able to communicate in the language that is used by Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. This is referred to as Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO. Legal Content Wrier Legal Content Wrier uses SEO and personal injury topics in order to one) provide the search engine the terms it requires, and secondly) provide prospective clients with the terms they search for. This combination will result in search results for potential clients you’d like.
  3. You’ll earn more money through cutting down on time. Here’s the downside, Legal Content Writers are not for free. Shocking. Did you know that an attorney-at-law blogger can help you save money? Yes there is a chance to cut costs using the help of a legal blogger. Why? Look at this plaintiff’s personal injury situations:

SCENARIO 1 1. You pay your newest most expensive partner (usually the one who is stuck with the blog!) around $37/hour (48 weeks [with 4 weeks of vacation subtracted40 hours per week, that’s about 1920 hours and then divide $70k per calendar year into 1920). It could take 1.5 hours to create a decent blog post and then publish it, which is approximately $56 worth of their time. This is without any knowledge or training about SEO. Best of luck to the new associate having 60 topics to choose from each month. However, a Legal Content Writer could write a blog posts, with fresh and proven topics, and cost as low as $50 for the identical content!

This scenario would mean you’re saving money and content-remember that the content writer who is Legal Content Writers who writes more than a thousand personal injury blog articles every year will be significantly superior to your newest associate. And Our Legal Content Writer was a defense lawyer for nursing homes and health care (two years of practicing) and a plaintiff’s legal counsel for injuries to persons (two years of practicing) And now a COURT ATTORNEY, APPOINTED to the New York State SUPREME COURT to a SUPREME COURT JUSTICE. Sorry to your young acquaintance, but he/she will not be as well-balanced or successful like our legal content writer. This is a simple solution on for how a legal content writer can help you save money.

BUT WAIT-you don’t use your youngest associate? If you are a solo-person or small company and you write the blog by yourself? This is a more frightening scenario:

SCENARIO 2: Pay yourself $78 for an hour ($150k per year if you take 1920 hours in a year calculated on 48 week and 40-hour weeks[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[). You took 1.5 hours to read through the blog, which is the equivalent of $117 in your time. You’re unfamiliar with SEO and you’re not sure the number of topics you can think of. It’s been a while since you’ve heard about “meta-description” and aren’t aware of the difference from “tags” as well as “categories.” Legal Content Writer has everything and can only cost you $50 per article.

YIKES. You’ll need a legally-licensed content writer. I hope you work only 40 hours per week and allow your self four weeks holiday. If you work more than 40 weeks, and take more vacation time, you’ve probably spent more than $117 on your blog article. You will definitely get a better deal with a licensed blogger.

SCENARIO 3. You are in possession of billable hours. You are able to bill $200 per hour. It takes 1.5 hours to complete the blog that you could have charged $300 to a customer. A Legal Content Writer would have cost you fifty dollars to write the exact blog post. You’ve lost $250. Or, if you only wanted to write one blog post per week, you’ve paid $1,250 within a single week. In a month , that’s around two mortgage payment of billables missed to law firm blog writer but you’re not sure that you’re doing it right. The price for a blogger? $250, which you pay back in less than an hour of bills. You bill more than $200 per hour? This situation is getting worse and the content writer who is legal is much less expensive.

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Contact our Legal Content Writer about how we can assist the personal injury lawyer firm as well as your personal injury attorneys now! These situations can be detrimental to you and your business and could have a harder time finding new clients through inadequate content. Contact us today to find out what we can do to help today. Employing us will save you cash by hiring a legally licensed blog writer.


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