What’s the problem? How can this be done. Apple doesn’t upgrade iMac hard drives. Therefore, is this a possibility?

Yes, there is another question in this article. Apple is focused on selling new products. Therefore, if you did not consider the solid-state hard drive option when you were purchasing your setup, well Apple you should buy another! Or , if you weren’t thinking about the storage space you could have, Apple again will put its hands to the sky like they simply don’t take a second thought.

Don’t give up. There are other iMac repair centers offer this service.

Particularly, the non-authorized Apple repair services are doing this. Why is it that only licensed Apple repair shops perform this? It’s the same logic in the previous paragraph. Apple will want you to purchase new products constantly and, in the best case, every year. This means that they will not be opening your iMac to assist you. The shops that are not Apple have the freedom to operate as they want. This means that they are able to assist the customer!

Okay, so I’m having some anger towards Apple. You bet I do. They don’t update anything and focus on the product first before service , which is a pain for me. In Third-party Apple repair centers in NYC for instance…well the top ones which is to say, they upgrade everything and anything. This includes upgrades to hard drives as well as RAM upgrades and other pc hjelp. There’s no reason why these components can’t be upgraded.

In answer to the question If yes, is the iMac HDD upgradeable? Do you need to upgrade it?

Yes and no. Up until Apple begin soldering the solid state drives onto an iMac controller, which I’m certain it’s just a matter time and you SATA (or solid-state) drive (SSD) is able to be upgraded. You must definitely upgrade your standard SATA drive into an SSD drive since it’s a lot faster at startup, shutting down and accessing files, Internet and everything else in between. If you’re running a smaller SSD storage capacity it is possible to upgrade this too however it’s not required when you already have enough space. This is your choice.

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