Astronaut, firefighter, and musician are some of the words you might hear when asking a young child about their future ambitions. It’s no doubt that music plays a significant role in our lives and that we’ve been enamored by it since our youth. Concerts, glamour, and music are most kids’ dreams, and singer-songwriter Abigail Spenser Hu has worked hard to turn her dream into reality.

Music has been part of Abigail’s life from a very early age. She was inspired and drawn to it until she realized this was what she wanted to do. Abigail made her debut in the music industry not too long ago. She decided to explore music genres such as deep house, progressive house, and more EDM subgenres before establishing herself in the pop genre.

Abigail’s debut track, “Inward,” is a combination of her feelings of heartbreak and loss. The track has been received incredibly well, hitting more than 1.6 million streams on Spotify alone. Moreover, she has been featured in several prestigious publications and has been on the cover of Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Grazier, and Bazaar.

When talking about her recent release, “Inward,” Abigail says the track is a reflection of the depth of her emotions and her pain. Abigail expresses herself in the most transparent way through her music. She’s also working on a music video for the track, which is expected to bring more positivity and growth to Abigail’s career.

On Spotify, where she is a verified artist, Abigail has more than 44,000 followers. Most of her fans come from Stockholm, Keflavik, Vienna, and Helsinki. Her monthly listeners on Spotify alone are more than 49,000.

Abigail tends to put all her effort and emotions into her performances and music, making her fans connect with her art on a deeper level. When talking about her work, Abigail says her experiences have helped her find inspiration and move from one layer to a three-dimensional layer of life. All of this emotion is reflected in her work.

In her recent work, which was part of an LA singer-songwriter contest hosted by Compass Box Studio and OK Listen, Abigail was given the opportunity to translate a song using her acoustic guitar and vocals. She turned it into a full-on studio session. The lockdown period, which was incredibly challenging for her, was when Abigail wrote the song. It was about her dilemma about staying up-to-date with the world yet trying to detach from it.

In her coming tracks, Abigail wants to work on a foundation of light patterns, beautiful tunes, and melodies. The rhythm will be an example of her exploring new areas.

When talking about difficult times, Abigail talks about the lockdown period and COVID specifically being hard on her. In the coming years, Abigail wants to expand her work and have more people listen to it. She wants to achieve new heights in her career and collaborate with some big-name artists in the industry, such as Kaskade and Iluennium.

In the future, Abigail plans to write more songs, out of which her next two will be based on a completely different style than her past work.

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