Commercial exhaust fans are ventilation units designed to extract hot and/or polluted indoor air, replacing it with cooler and cleaner outdoor air. Good ventilation is important to ensure better comfort levels and healthier workplaces. It helps to reduce roof and inside temperatures which impacts air conditioner usage, moisture levels, roof structural integrity, and much more.

Many businesses install electric commercial exhaust fans because they are vastly more powerful than traditional whirlybirds. However, electric exhaust fans are typically very energy intensive; they need a lot of power to operate. That means that they cost a lot to run and have a large carbon footprint. Conversely, solar-powered exhaust fans like Solar Whiz use energy from the sun, offering a powerful ventilation solution without negative impacts on the environment that costs nothing to run!

Energy Efficiency of Commercial Exhaust Fans

As mentioned, exhaust fans that use mains power electricity generally require large amounts of energy to operate. Solar Whiz units are solar-powered and far more energy efficient than electric fans. Our units do not cost anything to run but still offer industry-leading airflow capacity.

Many sources say that electric fans often cost more money to run than they save. Our 13 years of experience in the ventilation industry have shown us that this is generally true. The largest commercial unit Solar Whiz offers (the SW-AU-C-155) has an airflow capacity of 10,000m3/h. Other brands of powered exhaust fans that offer airflow like this are typically electrically powered. Our cost comparison analysis found that some commercial fans could cost $1025.02 to operate 260 days a year, running for 8 hours a day. Compare this to $0.00 for a Solar Whiz unit operating entirely on solar power!

Even if the Solar Whiz unit is adapted to run solely on mains power, it would only cost $45.76 02 to operate 260 days a year, running for 8 hours a day. This clearly shows how much more energy efficient our units are compared to electric fans.

Environmental Benefits

In addition to being more energy efficient and saving money, using solar-powered commercial exhaust fans has great environmental benefits.

Switching from mains power to solar power reduces a business’s carbon footprint. This means that the business is emitting less pollution and contributing less to global warming. Using powerful ventilation systems with zero energy usage and carbon emissions has important flow-on effects for the planet and for the company image. Proper ventilation reduces indoor temperatures and airborne particles, this improving air quality. That means that businesses can save on air conditioning and air purification technologies. We have found that some businesses don’t need to use these technologies at all after installing Solar Whiz! Cutting down the dependence on these appliances helps to further reduce carbon emissions and can mitigate urban heat island effects.

Commercial businesses and industry are leading contributors to pollution and environmental damage. Because commercial business is so energy intensive but also integral to the functioning of society it is crucially important that industry reduces its impact on the environment wherever possible. We believe that Solar Whiz offers an ideal product that has no negative impacts on the planet AND offers one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient ventilation products on the Australian market. We are showing industry that it can be worth switching to solar power!

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Solar Whiz solar-powered commercial exhaust fans are much easier to install and require far less maintenance relative to electric exhaust fans. Solar Whiz is DIY friendly as they are light-weight and don’t include excessive of wiring and cabling that needs to be connected to electrical systems.

Solar-powered exhaust fans also use brushless motors that don’t wear out like the traditional motors used in electric fans. That means the motors last much longer in our fans. Much longer lifespan = better bang for your buck!

Improved Reliability and Convenience

Solar power has the added benefit of reducing overall dependence on the electrical grid. If a business requires that the building is kept at a stable temperature then relying solely on electricity can be risky. Commercial exhaust fans like Solar Whiz offer a ventilation system that can be depended on to manage internal temperature and air quality without the risk of it stopping in an energy failure. This is especially relevant in remote areas that are more vulnerable to natural disasters such as extreme weather, flooding, and bushfire.

Solar Whiz offers a hybrid solution that gets the most out of your ventilation system with minimal cost and increased reliability and independence.

Furthermore, Solar-powered fans work best when you need them most; on a hot, sunny day! Many businesses don’t need an electric fan to run at all times, but they do anyway because the system cannot be easily turned off. In these situations, a system that starts operating when the sun is available and stops again at sunset is the most (cost-)effective way to ventilate.

Overall, solar-powered exhaust fans have many advantages over electric fans. Solar Whiz solar-powered fans are much more energy efficient compared to electric fans, which means you can achieve the same results using much less energy. There are also significant environmental benefits to adopting and using solar energy to help reduce the negative impacts that commercial business has on the planet. The potential for companies to limit their carbon footprint and mitigate the urban heat island effect using Solar Whiz is an important opportunity for all business-owners to consider.

Solar Whiz is easier to install and maintain, it also operates more reliably compared to electric alternatives. Solar power is independent of the electricity grid and can provide greater certainty, particularly for areas outside of cities. The ease of installation and maintenance compared to electric fans also means that the exhaust fans don’t need to be checked on and repaired as often, saving time and money!

Solar energy is a far more reliable, dependable, and sustainable option for powering our future. Business needs to invest in the growth and adoption of this technology to ensure a better future for the planet.

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