A new market has emerged as cannabis products have been legalized in many states, both for medical and recreational purposes. In a rapidly expanding market, growers and extractors need to establish their brand and message. The best way to promote your brand and define your identity is through packaging of cannabis products . This may be the only legal advertising medium for you for some time. A dispensary shelf will often be the first place a potential customer sees your product.

The Importance of Packaging in Branding & Marketing Cannabis Products


Being consistent in branding your products will help you establish a brand identity that is easy to remember. The folding box is one of the most flexible and Wholesale Dispensary Packaging options for cannabis. The folding carton, which can be made from either paper or plastic and shipped as flat cutouts. They are then assembled on-site to be filled with product. These elements can help to establish and reinforce a brand image.

  • Choose your color. Shiny black packaging can give off a feeling of luxury, while sleek white containers are often associated with healthcare and medical fields. For consumers who prefer organic products, browns, greens and other earthy colors are often associated with natural, unrefined products. If your marijuana packaging is consistent in its use, any color can be made an integral part your brand and make your products easy to recognize on dispensary shelves.
  • Content and placement of text. You only have seconds to grab a customer’s attention when they are browsing dispensary shelves. Your Cannabis Packaging should communicate your brand message clearly and concisely. What are the most important aspects of your brand and what should a customer know?
  • Clear plastic windowing. Clear plastic windows are an option in opaque packaging. They allow the product to be displayed inside and allow the consumer to see it before purchasing. It can be used to highlight specific attributes or details of the product and help establish trust with your brand.
  • Requirement Packaging Information. Cannabis laws still in development. They are subject to changes. It is essential that all laws applicable to your product are followed. Information about the origins and cultivation of cannabis can help to establish trust with informed consumers today and provide assurance of quality.


Although the cannabis market is still very young, it is expected to grow rapidly as more states become online. The variety of brands available to cannabis consumers is not well-known. This presents a unique opportunity to new brands to establish themselves as well as build a customer base through consistent branding.


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