In the wake of global unrest and the need for solidarity against oppressive regimes, the international rally held on August 20th sent a resounding message that reverberated from Portugal to the world. Aptly named “Putin is a Killer,” this gathering saw free Russians residing in Portugal take a stand against dictatorship, inviting like-minded individuals from nations grappling with authoritarian regimes to unite in a powerful display of unity. The rally wasn’t just about condemning a single individual; it was about standing up against tyranny and advocating for freedom, particularly in Russia and Ukraine. This article delves into the events surrounding the rally, the plight of Russians in Portugal, and the broader implications for democracy and civil society.

A Cry for Justice

The Origins of the Rally

The rally’s focal point, the slogan “Putin is a Killer,” serves as a stark reminder of the grim reality in Russia. Putin’s reign has been marred by a string of politically motivated killings, targeting opposition politicians and journalists. These tragic events unfolded over the past two decades, casting a shadow over Russia’s political landscape. The rally aimed to draw attention to this dark history and condemn the mass killings of Ukrainians and Russians in Ukraine—a crisis that demands international intervention.

A Plea for Human Rights

One of the rally’s central messages was the call to not make deals with terrorists. Russia’s oppressive regime has held prominent political figures like Alexey Navalny and numerous other political prisoners hostage, raising urgent concerns for their safety. The protesters made a heartfelt plea for the international community to recognize the gravity of these situations and take a stand for justice and human rights.

Support for Ukraine

Solidarity in Action

While the rally primarily focused on condemning Putin’s regime, it also emphasized support for Ukraine’s struggle against dictatorship in Russia. The message was clear: Ukraine’s fight for democracy deserves unwavering support, and the global community should unite against authoritarian rule.

Encouraging Anti-War Initiatives

In addition to addressing the crisis in Russia, the rally aimed to shed light on anti-war, democratic, and anti-dictatorship initiatives. These organizations tirelessly work towards creating a more just and equitable society, both in Russia and beyond. The rally urged people to support these initiatives as they represent a beacon of hope for a better future.

Catalog of Initiatives

The ADRL Catalog

To facilitate support for these initiatives, the organizers of the rally created a comprehensive catalog of various civil society efforts. This catalog, available at Anti-war protests in Portugal, provides a platform for individuals to explore and engage with organizations committed to promoting democracy and human rights.

Breaking the Silence

The “Don’t be quiet” Petition

One of the rally’s key initiatives was the “Don’t be quiet” petition. This petition seeks to break the taboo of discussing politics outside of opposition YouTube channels. By normalizing political discourse, the aim is to foster the growth of civil society in Russia and Russian diasporas worldwide.

Global Participation

The rally witnessed participation from over 100 cities worldwide. To explore the global reach of this movement.


The “Putin is a Killer” rally in Portugal served as a poignant reminder of the importance of international solidarity in the face of oppression. It underscored the need to stand up against authoritarian regimes, support the struggle for democracy, and advocate for human rights. As the world continues to grapple with complex geopolitical challenges, such displays of unity are crucial for fostering positive change.

We created a catalog of some initiatives on our website:

We also initiated a petition “Don’t be quiet”, which is intended to break a rule of not discussing politics outside of opposition YouTube channels. We would like to make politics a normal topic to be discussed in life, and thus stimulate growth of civil society in Russia and Russian diasporas abroad.

Please sign it:

More details in this video:

More details on the international rally and over 100 cities that participated you can find here:


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