Did those Peaky Blinders real?

In short, yes.

They were a gang of criminals that was based in Birmingham during the latter part of the 19th century.

They were just one of the urban youth gangs of the time of the war.

There is a lot of debate about whether it was the case that The Peaky Blinders are a distinct group or was used to describe a variety of violent teens.

Philip Gooderson, the author of The Gangs Of Birmingham, claims it is believed that Peaky Blinders originated as one band, but later the term became a general term.

The Peaky Blinders had a distinguishable fashion sense and had flat caps on their heads.


Their female friends were also believed to have worn uniforms of some kind.

Their clothes were made of pearls, a wide fringe, and silk handkerchiefs covering their necks.

What exactly does Peaky Blinders refer to?

The name Peaky Blinders is derived from the Birmingham-based band from Birmingham.

Their name is believed to be derived from a tradition where the members of a gang would sew razor blades to the top of their caps.

In combat, they can then apply their hats and attack the eyes, faces as well as foreheads of foes.

We’ve seen the gang doing this often in the television show’s fight scenes.

The gang was known as the Peaky Blinders which operated in Birmingham during the early 1900s. Credit: BPM Media

Did the gang members wear razors on their caps?

Prof. Carl Chinn, a historian from Birmingham believes that this is a bit unrealistic.

The true Peaky Blinders gang originated back in the 1890s. However, historians have noted the fact that razors made of disposable blades developed in 1903, made it difficult for those who were part of the initial group to have concealed them inside their caps.

He believes it’s more likely that it resulted due to the fact that tops are extremely hard and could have temporarily blinded someone in the event that they were hit by another wearing caps.

The Birmingham Mail has pointed out that “Blinder” used to be a common Birmingham expression for a well-dressed man, and it is believed that this was the true significance of the word.

Did there exist a real Thomas Shelby?

Professor Chinn claimed that there was no authentic Thomas Shelby  Premiere date– Cillian Murphy’s character.

The names of those previously reported to have been part of the actual Peaky Blinders’ heyday have Shelby as an initial.

The majority of the group were young and appear not to have influenced the character, besides being fashionable.

The reality is that Billy Kimber a character from the show’s debut season was a real criminal from Birmingham.


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