The Instagram fake followers industry is built around a very attractive proposition. Spend a little money and you can get lots of followers. You can increase your followers from just a few hundred to as high as 10,000 in a matter of hours. Profits and partnerships will surely follow this boost.

Sorry to burst you bubble, but it is true. Although buying Instagram followers is easy and cheap, there are hidden costs. If you are caught deceiving Instagram, it can damage your reputation and alienate your true followers. You could even lose your account. Buying followers will not help you make yourself an Instagram celebrity or grow your business.

This post will walk you through fake followers and show you how to buy Instagram followers. We won’t scam you into success. Instead, we will show you proven methods to increase your Instagram followers.

You can also watch the video from our latest experiment, where we tried to purchase the most expensive followers possible:

How to Buy Instagram Followers

Let’s start by taking a look at the steps involved in buying Instagram followers. We’ll then tell you why your money should be saved , and how to preserve your dignity .

  1. Select your provider

You have many options when it comes to fake Instagram followers. There are many of them. Google “buy Cheap Instagram followers” to discover a new world of businesses that have questionable ethics.

These businesses are operating differently today than they were a few years back. In 2018, Instagram closed its public API to prevent third-party apps from posting.

All businesses that sell Instagram likes and followers saw huge changes. Third-party services that liked or followed accounts vanished overnight. A few things changed when the fake follower market recovered. Services stopped asking for login credentials and began emphasizing that all followers are “real” and authentic, not bots.

Below is a list of some of the most well-respected retailers. However, we cannot guarantee that any of these retailers should be trusted with credit card or account information. This is your guide!

  1. Choose your plan

You’ll discover that you have many options when you look at the fake followers frontier. You may be offered the choice of regular or premium followers. Others offer managed growth. This is just one reason to avoid them.


They don’t have any profile photos or posts, but they do exist. These are the lowest tier. However, they will be described using the same superlatives that you’ll see at the farmer’s market: high quality, all-natural and free-range eggs. These fakes are easy to spot and Instagram tends to delete them quickly. They won’t comment or like your posts, even though they may last.

Premium or active followers

Next, you will have “premium”, or “active”, followers. These accounts look slightly more legit, with profiles and posts on their feed. Many companies will claim that they are 100% real people. We would not agree with that! Everest-sized salt. They won’t engage with your content, just like the basic followers.

Managed growth

We also offer “managed growth”, which is the most costly fake follower service. It can be paid as an annual subscription or a one-time payment. Managed growth services allow you to manage your engagement strategy by reaching out on Instagram to grow your followers.

Managed growth services will require that you hand over your account details (extra shady!). Provide detailed information about the hashtags and audiences you wish to target to a “growth agent”. The agent or their automated software will then comment, like, and follow you. This will theoretically result in more followers. It’s a way to increase your engagement and clutter your feed.

  1. Select the number of followers you would like

Still interested? Uh, okay! Next, choose how many followers you wish to purchase.

It all depends on what plan you choose and your budget. You might find it tempting to purchase 5,000 or 10,000 fake followers at once. Why not? Because an overnight spike in followers could raise red flags on Instagram.

Many companies offer “instant” or “gradual” delivery options. In theory, a more gradual delivery is safer. However, fake followers to real followers are important so be careful before you buy a lot.

  1. Add some likes and views

These companies are known for being one-stop shops that can handle all types of sham interactions. You can buy likes and views for your Instagram Stories posts.

This adds credibility to the account by balancing fake followers with fake engagement. It’s unlikely that anyone will believe it.

  1. Take the plunge

After looking through the options, you’ve decided to go ahead with checkout. It’s time to give your Instagram handle, email address and credit card information.

You might be asked to create an account by some companies, but they may skip to the important stuff like payment information. You might be able pay with PayPal, or cryptocurrency if you aren’t too keen to give your credit card information.

Important note: Instagram will not ask you to give your password unless you choose managed growth.

  1. Bide your time

Many companies guarantee that you will see new followers in 24-72 hours after your credit card charge clears.

Because they promise to grow your account slowly through targeted engagement or automated automation, the more expensive growth services are slower. What does this mean for you? It might take you longer to realize that your money was wasted.


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