What We Know about HighschoolDxD Season 5 So far

High School DxD is an anime series that follows Issei, a student, who wants to become a harem-king, but is killed by Yuuma (a fallen angel) with whom he went on a first date. Rias, a devil who helps Issei return from the dead, is forced to work for Rias and becomes Rias’s pet. Fans are eagerly awaiting “HighschoolDxD Season 5, which will be adapted into four anime series. Here’s what we know about the production schedule and release date.

Passione Studio is responsible for production

Reddit started a discussion about why Passione Studio had taken over production of season 4 “High School DxD” one year ago. It also revealed why the animation studio would continue to produce season 5. Wikipedia states that TNK was dismissed due to creative differences among the studio, the director, scriptwriter, and the original series writer. The discussion sheds light on the reasons Passione Studio had have to intervene.

TNK switched the chronology of the source material, according to fan speculations. Although they claimed it would improve the anime, the studio couldn’t fit all of the material into the series so they created their ending which was in line with the story they had written. The executives did not like this decision and TNK was forced to leave. Passione Studio was hired to save the situation.

The Art Style for Season 4 will not change

Season 3 had led to a departure from the original plot, and viewers were already dropping by the time Passione Studio arrived to produce season 4. The discussion revealed that fans were anxious about what season 4 would bring. They were also surprised to learn that Passione Studio had changed the style of TNK’s art. Fans didn’t like TNK changing their ending but they loved the art style. While some fans didn’t mind the change, others wanted people to be more comfortable with the new style when season 5 airs. While some people felt the Hero art style was not perfect, others claimed Passione Studio was staying true to the source material’s style.

According Comic Book Satoshi Motonaga stated that the staff of the anime series wanted to offer a new perspective in order to attract new and old fans. They decided to modify the character design and go with a new animation company. Although the original designs were too popular they believed that the new studio would have its own style and interpretations. Season 4 was a great series and received well. Therefore, they decided to keep the original art style rather than changing it. Some fans liked the latter’s more detailed work. People would prefer a new style of art than the same as season 3. This is why Passione Studio was chosen to continue season 5.

It continues with the ‘Hero Oppai Dragon’ Storyline

According TV Season Spoilers the director Yoshifumi Sudea and Passione Studio have revealed that season 5 will continue the arc of ‘Hero Oppai Dragon,’ which was begun in season 4. Passione Studio was able to tweak the storyline in order to win over fans when they took over production. Season 5 will feature Middle-Class Promotional Tests. Season 5 will not feature romance, as there was with Rias and Issei in season 4. Fans should be curious to see what Koneko does after confirming his suspicions. Issei must prepare for the tests as passing them will increase his ranks which indicate the Devil’s Strength. Season 4 had 12 episodes and covered volumes 9-10. Season 5 will likely have 12 episodes, adapted from volumes 11-12. Season 6 will not be rushed, so don’t waste any of the season 5 material. It has been confirmed that season 6. Even if season 6 is completed, the light novels can still be used for film adaptations or other seasons.


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