Huntsville therapy a mental health service, provides services that help individuals, families, veterans, and adolescents in Virginia, Alabama, and Kansas. The professionals at VERITAS PSYCHOTHERAPY are compassionate and understanding as they help you set your goals.

Why VERITAS PSYCHOTHERAPY is great for you

  1. Credible All counsellors are required to meet a stringent competency standard set by state licensing boards. Every licensure is carefully reviewed by VERITAS PSYCHOTHERAPY to ensure that you receive the best care possible based on the state standards.
  2. Broad Focus – VERITAS PSYCHOTHERAPY will match you with the best mental health professional for your needs. Some may need help with a specific diagnosis, while others might seek support for anxiety, panic attacks or fears, depression, grief, and general coping. Others may seek ways to strengthen their families and/or marriages, build closer relationships, discuss parenting, learn appropriate expectations, or have healthy interactions.

Others may simply want more confidence and a deeper understanding about themselves and their purpose. No matter what reason, VERITAS PSYCHOTHERAPY professionals are available to help you set goals that are unique to your needs and situation.

  1. For All: VERITAS PSYCHOTHERAPY aims to provide the best therapeutic healing possible for all people, regardless of their culture, religion, or sexual orientation. All ages are welcome at VERITAS PSYCHOTHERAPY, from single adults to seniors and young families to the elderly and single adults.
  2. Veteran-Owned: Because VERITAS PSYCHOTHERAPY is veteran-owned, it understands and adapts the unique experiences, struggles, and needs of veterans and military personnel, as well as their families.
  3. Affordable: VERITAS PSYCHOTHERAPY provides a free first session, as well as many payment/insurance options to cover future sessions. VERITAS PSYCHOTHERAPY offers lower prices for out-of pocket expenses.
  4. Online Mental Health Services – Online mental health services (or telehealth) allow you to choose a convenient and comfortable location to access our services via modern technology. Your privacy and confidentiality are protected by VERITAS PSYCHOTHERAPY’s secure online platform that uses bank-level encryption. It strictly follows HIPAA regulations. Telehealth is currently only available to residents of Alabama and Virginia.

What to Expect From Your First Session

Sessions last approximately 50 minutes. Your provider will meet you in the first session to learn about you and your goals for therapy. This is an excellent time to get to know your provider and build trust and communication. Both of you can talk about the expectations and boundaries you have for your first session as well as future sessions.

Your therapist will also review the VERITAS PSYCHOTHERAPY policies, HIPAA confidentiality paperwork, and you can be sure that everything you say is kept private. This will clarify your expectations and your rights, as well as how your privacy is protected.

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