It may seem like an inconvenience to waterproof your home, especially if you include the cost of waterproofing products in your moving costs. Waterproofing your home can save you a lot more stress in the future. Consider the benefits of installing the various waterproofing options.

The following are some of the top reasons why you should waterproof your basement:

  1. Save money on future repairs

A common myth surrounds the cost of foundation repair. Initial Cost is a common reason why homeowners delay fixing a leak. Repairing your foundation before it can get worse will cost less than fixing a cracked that has already grown. Waterproofing your foundation and basement before you move will also save you money. You will need to cover the initial costs but after that, you can use your savings to pay for other urgent needs.

  1. Keep the value of your home

It is tempting to ignore the Basement Leak in hopes that it will go away with time. This rarely, if ever, works. You risk damaging your possessions permanently if you allow a leak to grow too large. It will also significantly reduce the value of your house. If a home is listed with a known basement or foundation leak, its value can drop by up to 30%.

You can waterproof your home either when you first move in, or before you sell it. You’ll not only save yourself from the stress of rainy days in Indianapolis, but also be able to recoup your investment – if not more.

  1. Keep Mold away from Your Family and Personal Items

mold is attracted to dark, wet places. You can encourage mold growth in your backyard by not waterproofing your basement. Mold in your basement can cause more than just an unpleasant appearance. You can put your family’s health at risk if you allow mold to grow unchecked for too long. By waterproofing your basement you can keep your family safe and your basement clean.

  1. Insurance claims can be expensive.

As long as you’ve got comprehensive home insurance, the provider will cover any damages to your home caused by flooding in Indianapolis, IN. If you don’t want to have to make a claim for your home, waterproofing it before moving in is the best way to do so. You can save money by not relying on insurance to refurbish your items. Instead, you will be able to keep them as dry and safe as possible.

  1. Reduce your electric and heating bills

If you notice that your heating bill is increasing even though the weather has not yet changed, it could be a sign that your foundation may be leaking. If your heating bills are increasing even though the weather is still mild, this could be a sign of a foundation leak. You can keep your bills down and maintain a consistent temperature in your home by waterproofing your basement and foundation.

  1. Improve the smell of your home

Waterproofing can improve the smell of a home. How? Mold grows when water enters your foundation. It also fills the air. This scent will only intensify the smell of mold growth and pest infestations in your basement.

Consider consulting a professional if you have tried to clean your house dozens of time and are still unable to get rid of the smell. It could be that your foundation is leaking. You can use temporary waterproofing products to get rid of the damp smell.

  1. Reduce Your Flood Risk

Standing water is not the same as a little dampness. Even though precipitation in Indianapolis, IN isn’t high, a few rainy days can transform a leak that was previously undetected into a flood canal. You can avoid installing an indoor pool by having professionals install sump pumps and French drains.

  1. How to prevent foundation cracks and uneven settlement

Your home may settle naturally due to changes in weather or loosening of the soil. If your foundation is unevenly laid, or has begun to crack then one side will settle faster than another. You can stop water from getting to your foundation by waterproofing it when you move into your home. This will also ensure that the foundation settles evenly. You risk not only having water enter your home, but also living with an uneven basement floor.

  1. Protecting Your Belongings

The items you store in your basement are at risk as soon as water enters the area. Even if your storage is in waterproof bags or bins, the dampness will cause damage to anything.

  1. Save Water

Waterproofing your house can reduce your water bills. The dampness that occurs as water enters your home puts your pipes’ structural integrity at risk. You’ll soon have to deal not only with a cracked basement, but also with leaky pipes. Your water bill will decrease if you stop leaks before they happen.


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