All of us have dreamed of being famous rock stars, adored by millions, and able to live lavishly. Many people secretly dream of being a pianist, traveling the world and entertaining thousands in romantic cities. Some people even dream of starting a solo career with just themselves and their guitar, in front of millions upon millions of music-loving fans. You admit it. One of these scenarios was in your head at one time but you either dismissed it as unlikely or you are too old to make it happen. It’s possible that you are right, but it doesn’t matter. You might be right, but who cares? That’s why all great musicians started out: They were simply enjoying the act of creating music. Here are some tips to help you choose the right instrument.

1. Do your Research

A major commitment is required when you plan to purchase an instrument. Before you rush to the nearest Music Planet, take some time to do your research. Think about what type of instrument you would like to learn first. Perhaps you want something simple to master and learn. The guitar is a very common instrument with many tutorials available online to help you quickly learn the basics. The same applies to the piano. These instruments offer the flexibility and range necessary to allow you to express yourself through music.

2. How to choose the right instrument

You’ve never played an instrument in your entire life. That’s okay. It’s never too late. It can be difficult to choose the right instrument for you. It’s important to not spend too much on an instrument that will be forgotten in the attic. However, you want to make sure you have enough motivation to practice and a great sounding instrument. You can buy as many cheap instruments as you like, but only purchase the best quality ones that you are comfortable with. You can also save your money and borrow from friends and relatives. You may know someone who plays an instrument. If you’re lucky, they could be your first music teacher.

3. Take into account the price

It is difficult to not mention price when writing about buying a musical instrument. You can find instruments that are cheap and cheerful, or you can buy expensive works of art by artisans. As a beginner, it is best to save money on expensive models until you have mastered the instrument. For beginners, it is common to choose a low- to mid-range model. This will get you comfortable with the instrument and help you get started. After you feel confident enough to play the instrument, you can begin thinking about upgrading to a more expensive model.

4. It’s all about the feel

Nowadays, many musical instruments can be purchased online. It is possible to buy your first instrument online, but it is best to go to a music shop. You’ll not only be assisted by experienced staff in choosing the right instrument for you but also have the opportunity to test and handle them. The tactile connection that a good instrument makes is irreplaceable.

5. Start small

You now have your instrument. You can now see yourself playing in large theatres or Planet Music. Let go of that image and get to work. Start small and start slowly, then work your way up. Many tutorials are free and available online, many for beginners. Use all available resources.

6. Practice, Practice, Practice

This is something that you can’t stress enough: To be great at what you do, you must keep practicing. You must practice your craft over and over again to find the fine line between greatness and mediocrity. You can practice more until you feel you have it down.

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