Find out the many benefits your baby will enjoy through our infant neck float as well as early play with water

  1. Love of Water

Introduce your child to the pool before they begin to fear it. Make sure they are exposed early to the fact that the water is an enjoyable environment to play in and they’ll be at ease when it’s time to enroll in swimming lessons … since nobody likes being the parent who is trying to get her child screaming into the water at the time of the lesson.

  1. Lowers Stress

It is possible to think that swimming with your child is highly stress-inducing, but even for babies who never participated in any “swim class” or “swim class,” being in the water with a mom can have an uplifting and relaxing effect. Scientists have studied this by measuring cortisol levels (the hormone we release when stressed) of infants ranging from between 6 and 13 months prior to and following their swimming session.  That is also the optimal age range to use a Proactive Baby with your child.

  1. Motor Development

It is Dr. David Anderson, a top motor expert as well as a professor at San Francisco State University, uses the Proactive Baby in a study that aims to examine its impact of it on infant growth. The study is led by Dr. Anderson thinks the research will reveal that babies who had the opportunity to play with their movements in the water earlier age will be more skilled in motor abilities as compared to babies similar to them. Go below to read about a research study from Iceland where infants are standing at six months old.

  1. Cognitive Development

In the Proactive Baby, the baby does not need to be confined by you. He is in control of the body of his child. It is quickly learned that when you push off the edge in the bathtub, your body moves in the opposite direction. It’s a simple idea for us to grasp But a vital lesson in the relationship between cause and effect for your child. This is especially true with Lumi’s brand new ClearView design! Your baby will be able to observe his feet and hands move in the water, and learn that he is able to move and touch objects according to his own preference and the movements that allow him to do this.

  1. Social Development

Parents tell us that they are thrilled to get in the bath with their children. The Proactive Baby offers parents the chance to spend time together by connecting on an eye level. Even when you’re not in the pool with your infant and they’ll be looking at you to look at your smiles as they watch your Baby floaties through the waters.

  1. Linguistic Development

The Proactive Baby creates an exciting place to play with children. Your child also is exposed to new commands such as “come here,”” “turn back” along with other commands that most parents aren’t likely to utilize until the child can move about on the ground and expand their vocabulary.

  1. Babys with Special Needs

Children with difficulties with their physical development or developmental difficulties are raving about the Proactive Baby! It permits their child to be a part of rehabilitation therapies by swimming as young as 8 weeks (and nine pounds) and beginning earlier can have a significant impact over the long term. From withdrawal from medications to Spina Bifida, parents talk to us about the ways in which Proactive Baby has improved the lives of their children and their family’s living conditions. You can read further on our website.

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