It is crucially important that businesses of all sizes and types have commercial exhaust fans that are powerful, efficient and cost-effective. This is because they have an impact on many different aspects of the business such as worker health and safety, productivity, and equipment maintenance. This article will discuss industrial exhaust fans and why your company should install them.

What Are Industrial Exhaust Fans and What Do They Do?

Industrial exhaust fans are typically extraction fans that flush out the inside air and replace it with outside air. Solar Whiz is an industry-leading and Australian-made brand that produces powerful commercial exhaust fans for businesses across the country.

As the fan blades on the unit spin, they expel the air trapped inside which is hot, stale and polluted. This creates a vacuum and drags in ‘replacement air’ which comes from other openings like doors, windows, or vents.

Commercial exhaust fans are usually installed on the roof of a building, as this tends to be where the fans can have the greatest impact. However, Solar Whiz has previously installed our fans in the side walls of businesses to suit the needs of our clients.

Why Do Businesses Need Commercial Exhaust Fans?

The principal reason that businesses need commercial exhaust fans is to ensure that they are getting enough ventilation. Ventilation is important because it removes stale air (which is usually hot and polluted) and replaces it with fresh and clean air. Therefore, ventilation in a work environment is fundamental to employee health and safety.

Some applications of Solar Whiz exhaust fans:

Remove heat

Industrial exhaust fans are often used to extract the hot air that builds up in warehouses and introduce cooler and fresher air from outside. This helps to reduce heat stress on workers as well as maintain stock and equipment integrity.

Removing heat is also important in gymnasiums and sports facilities. Solar Whiz has experience supplying heat-removal solutions in many types of commercial businesses including gymnastics centres, indoor play areas and warehouses alike.

Remove fumes

A common application for Solar Whiz commercial exhaust fans is in manufacturing businesses where the equipment generates harmful pollutants. We have experience installing in welding and fabrication factories.

What Are the Best Industrial Exhaust Fans Available?

As mentioned, Solar Whiz are industry leaders and Australian made. Our product is designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate while delivering powerful ventilation.

In order for industrial exhaust fans to be effective they must have a high airflow capacity. This means that the fan has a powerful extraction rate. Solar Whiz Commercial offers units that can move up to 166,680 litres of air per minute, equal to 10,000m³/h.

Solar Whiz is also solar-powered. That means that our product can operate without any running costs, making it extremely energy efficient. Most powered extraction fans on the market use 3-phase motors that consume huge amounts of energy to run, making them expensive and unsustainable to operate.

Many of our clients have turned to Solar Whiz after installing alternative ventilation solutions such as Big Ass Fans or industrial whirlybirds. Our product is a better investment than these products because they directly extract vast amounts of indoor air, regularly replacing and refreshing the air inside.

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