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Amber Finney, often referred to as Amber The Alchemist is a spiritualist who utilizes crystals as the mainstay of her practice. Finney says that with regard to crystals, they have something that can meet all needs, be it confidence, emotional support, or general vitality. “Our early ancestors were conscious of the knowledge discovered through the vibrations of crystals,” Finney says and adds that they were significant to the Kemetic way of life (an ancient Egyptian tradition and way of living, as well as the basis through which Finney talks about crystals generally) specifically in their rituals for beauty. “Goddess Auset (Isis) would visit the stream to apply rose quartz over her face”–long before facial rollers were invented. Alongside their use for aesthetic benefits, Finney says that crystals were not just used to signify royalty, but were also carved into amulets to guard the body and burial in tombstones in order to aid the soul during the final days.

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Finney’s love for healing brought her to a profession in spirituality following an eight-year working career working in fashion. “Spirituality is the primary focus in my life and I’ve felt called to share my wisdom and my gifts,” she says. “Now I’m able to combine my passion for design, style, and spirituality in my business.” In addition to her store that is filled with healing products like Florida Water, Essence Oils, and powerful crystals such as Amethyst, Finney is also popular for her Instagram page, @browngirlalchemy which she created with her mother “to help us to reinforce our spiritual lessons development and growth as well as enlightenment.” The two also have a podcast with the title Brown Girl Alchemizing in which they “journey through Black womanhood and the mysticism of ancestral reverence as well as wellness, purpose, and the ascension.” Soon, their joint brand will offer merchandise that the two consider “catalysts to encourage intentional and high-vibrational living.”

Here, Finney provides a beginner’s guide to crystals. This is ideal for people looking to refresh their understanding, or for those anxious at home due to the hospital and want to find different ways to achieve wellness.

Rose Quartz

“Most people believe that rose quartz is a symbol of romantic love, however, it’s really a universal love stone. To experience the fullness of love the heart chakra must be open to love. Rose quartz helps the heart chakra in opening to love, self-love romantic bonds, and family members, etc.”

Black Tourmaline

“Protection is vital as is protection. Black Tourmaline is a go-to stone to protect yourself in every form. It particularly kills low vibrational energy that surrounds you and within your body’s energetic system. It’s the blocker that shaters and hates the world of minerals!”


“Amethyst is the most popular beginning point for crystals. Its calm energy isn’t overwhelming, however, it’s visible enough for you to sense its effects on you and the environment. It’s an excellent idea to stay close to your bed for a relaxing night’s rest, particularly in the event that you suffer from a sleep disorder or want your child to enjoy the best night’s sleep. It’s also a great way to get in touch with your inner sense.”

Cleansing your crystals

Finney’s preferred methods for cleansing include smoke (via incense, camphor, or cedar) and salt water. “You can clean your crystals by putting them in the smoke as you pray to eliminate any unwelcome energy. Salt is known for its detoxifying and purifying properties. It is possible to submerge the crystals you have in salt in order to remove negative energy magical. You can also place them into saltwater to cleanse.” However, it is important to note that you should study the crystal prior to using salt water because certain crystals are brittle and could break apart. “Crystals typically have a -ite ending are not recommended to come into the contact of water.”

Cleaning crystals is a vital method “so it can wash out the energies that have been interacting with them. In this way, you’re working using the purest version of the crystal that is free from any external influences. This allows you to communicate with them much easier.” At her private store, Finney cleanses, Reiki charges, and anoints stones with Quartz-infused anointing oil “so you can instantly establish an affinity with your crystal friends.”

Charge your crystals

Finney suggests crystal charging as the process “reenergizes the crystal, reactivates and increases the natural vibrations of crystals. It’s not a requirement however it is extremely beneficial!” You can charge crystals by placing them in the Earth. “Crystals originate from the Earth Therefore, placing them back into the Earth will connect them to its Source.” It is possible to charge crystals with sunlight or moonlight. “The sunlight is charged using more masculine energies that is connected to stability and growth while the moon recharges the crystal with the feminine energy of intuitive and emotional connection.” Reiki is another technique she uses in order to recharge her crystals. “As an accredited Reiki Practitioner, I am awed by using the force by my fingers in order to charge crystals by releasing the light energy.”

Golden Healer crystals are known to heal on all levels, including cellularly and a connection to the divine. Photo: Courtesy of Amber Finney.

Finney has found comfort in her practice of wellness, particularly in the midst of the spread of a pandemic as well as a huge protest for human rights. ” Thanks to the sacrifices and efforts, we have now the ability and the flexibility to reconnect to our spiritual, emotional physical, and mental health,” Finney says. “Self-care can be a chance of reconnecting with roots and return to our space of spirituality and wellness. With self-care, we don’t just nurture but also cleanse our bloodline in all its entirety.”


Finney claims that Lepidolite is a vital stone right now, “because all of us are going through a change that can cause us to feel uncomfortable. It is a gemstone that helps during the transitional times and can be extremely beneficial for the nervous system and can ease anxiety and stress” she adds. “Now is the best time to activate the Sacral Chakra.”

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