Customized stickers can provide a lot of worth to the packaging for your product. There’s no reason to not utilize it! If you’re looking for innovative ways to increase your brand’s exposure, we suggest using these (a micro-moment-based marketing stunt) to create curiosity.

We at Vograce opt for the best quality materials and printing techniques to be sure you can achieve the desired results. This post will look at how Vograce custom stickers will enhance your brand’s image in 2022.

Check out the article to the end for 4 suggestions on how to design and print stickers that stand out and three reasons to use custom printing on stickers

Vograce is a professional Animation peripheral product manufacturer and supplier for custom keychains, acrylic charms, enamel pins, stickers, washi tape, badges, standees, throw pillows, and tote bags, body pillows, and promotional merchandise.

How can custom Stickers improve Branding?

Customized stickers can assist in visualizing your brand and could be used as a symbol to communicate your company’s core values. It’s not just an economical way to improve your packaging, but the wide range of designs and styles we provide will help you distinguish yourself from the rest of your competitors!

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  1. Have fun playing with shapes

The square, as well as circular, is among the most commonly used options when it comes to designing stickers. These shapes of stickers are basic and can communicate the essential message you intend to communicate through stickers. Labels and stickers enhance your brand’s story and experience speedily and simply. Do you want to get more attention for your company? Choose from different and distinctive shapes too! At Vograce, we offer different shapes that are not conventional and various sticker materials for you to choose from.

  1. Opt for a Good Sticker Material

We know that a custom-designed sticker can only be as effective as the material. As with the materials we employ, such as Transparent tearproof and Waterproof Synthetic waterproof, we searched for the best quality available.

The two are available in matte or gloss, so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. Find out the differences between them!

  1. Pay Attention to the Finishing of the Sticker

What does a glossy or matte finish look like?

A glossy finish comes with a shiny, ultra-smooth appearance. At the same time, matte papers have an edgier, less delicate appearance.

  1. Match Colors to your brand

A very crucial element of labeling and branding visibility is consistency in color. The right color system is the initial step in designing a beautiful label! Opt for vibrant colors that catch the eye! Customize your stickers following your company’s guidelines or the colors of your logo.


  1. Packaging

Many kinds of stickers are employed on various occasions and products. For example, printed plastic bags, paper boxes, or wrapping gifts easily draws customers’ attention.

  1. Product Information Labels

In addition to the logo, custom vinyl stickers are fantastic, small information sources. They’re typically found on products that need details on a tiny portion of their surface, including barcodes and nutritional information.

  1. Information

They can be used as an informational element on tables and help users in the right direction.

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