DC Comics is the largest comics publisher in the world and has produced some of our most beloved superheroes. We have 20 facts to share about DC Comics that you didn’t know.

#1 DC nearly lost its most powerful superheroes

Did you know that DC nearly sold the rights of Superman, Wonder Woman Green Lantern, Batman, and many other Justice League members? The comic franchise offered the rights to these big wigs at Avengers in 1984 when they were struggling to make ends meet. However, it was turned down! Imagine if this actually happened.

#2 DC Comics purchased Superman for $130

Many people don’t know that Superman was not an original DC Comics superhero. He was the creation of Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster and DC purchased the rights in 1938. This was the worst decision that the cartoonists made ever!

#3 Batman has three Jokers

The Joker is one of the most famous supervillains in comic book history. We believed that there was only one Joker for every Batman for decades. A Justice League comic revealed that there are actually three versions of the Joker.

#4 Stan Lee was a DC employee

While the legend Stan Lee has been synonymous with Marvel, did you know that he also worked briefly for DC? After leaving Marvel in the 90s, he joined them and produced his own Filmes called Just Imagine. Marvel and DC fans can both admit how odd it is to learn that Marvel’s largest rival was Mr. Marvel!

#5 Superman could be mini Supermen

It sounds as bizarre as it is. Superman developed some of the most bizarre and ineffective powers of any superhero during the Silver Age. His ability to shoot mini Supermen out of his hands was the creme de la crème. Why? We don’t know…

#6 Superman the original couldn’t fly

For Man of Steel fans, another fact. We all remember the Superman creators we spoke of earlier. The character was not designed with the ability to fly. Instead, he was able to leap high into the air before DC decided that flying was a necessary ability.

#7 Alan Moore regretted Batgirl

The Killing Joke is one the most famous graphic novels, in large part because of its dark tone. The book’s main section sees Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), who is shot and rendered paraplegic. Alan Moore, the author of the story, later admitted to regretting this plotline and feeling like he went too far.

#8 Batman does kill

Batman is known for his kindness and never killing his enemies. It’s a huge myth. He has been killed before, mostly in DC Comics’ earlier publications, which were not as kid-friendly.

#9 The Sandman won the World Fantasy Award

In 1975, the World Fantasy Award was won by Neil Gaiman for the Best Short Story. This was a rare feat for a comic. They even changed the rules to prevent it ever happening again.

#10 Lex Luthor’s shining dome was an accident

Many are familiar with Lex Luthor, a major villain in DC Comics’ universe. He is well-known for his strikingly bald appearance. He actually started out with ginger hair. Superman’s cocreator loved it so much that he decided to draw him bald.

#11 Batman looked more like Robin

You instantly think of Batman when you think about Batman. He was originally more like Robin and wore a red leotard and a black cape. Before he got the iconic style we all know, he also had blonde hair.

#12 Batman’s co-creator was not given credit until 2014.

Who did Batman get his new look? This was Bill Finger’s work, as well as many of his early stories. Bob Kane, who many believe is the creator of Batman, repeatedly denied this until Finger died. He was not given credit until 2014.

#13 Jason Todd was killed by his fans

Jason Todd was defeated and left to die in another brutal episode of the Batman story. His fate was not decided yet. DC Comics ran a poll via telephone to find out what fans wanted. Amazingly, 5,343 people voted yes and 5,271 didn’t. Robin was killed by his fans!

#14 Robin may have been killed by a fan

It doesn’t stop there. One fan could have called and voted Yes 100 time during the poll. This would mean that Jason Todd may have died in that moment.

#15 A Bat-Cow was observed

Spider-Man Fans may be familiar with Spider-Pig but there was actually a Bat-Cow in DC. Robin and Batman adopted it and made him a member of their team.

#16 Vibe could be really vibrating

DC introduced the superhero Vibe, which was interesting because it required him to breakdancing. It’s not as simple as it sounds. This is why DC killed him off and then revived him without the gimmick.

#17 Shazam Captain Marvel was

Although Shazam is now a popular DC hero he was once called Captain Marvel. After Marvel put a copyright on Captain Marvel, DC had to change his name. We now only have Shazam in DC!

#18 Wonder Woman and Green Lantern may have dated

DC tried to explore this idea in the 70s, but it was killed when a fan submitted the same idea. Ironically, the two lovers couldn’t pursue this idea without crediting the fan, so they gave in and they never became an item.

#19 The Flash built an apartment within minutes

These speedsters’ abilities are some of the best in comics. One story shows how Flash can save people from burning buildings and then rebuild the same building in just minutes.

#20 The Flash is currently the fastest man alive.

Superman and Flash race to be the fastest in multiple comics of different generations. It always ends in a tie. The Flash may not be technically the fastest man alive, but he must share this title with Clark Kent.


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