Not too long ago, the only way to get high was by smoking hash or cannabis. New methods have emerged to help patients and recreational users of cannabis, as it has become more legalized. THC capsules deliver a powerful high in a familiar pill form. This article will cover everything you need to know about this new method of medicating.

What is THC?

This may sound like basic information to some, but many people are not aware of the inner workings of cannabis. THC is the commonly known abbreviation of tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive constituent of marijuana. THC can be found in many forms, including edibles, buds, wax, and shatter. Both are concentrated forms.

What are THC capsules?

THC pills contain an extract of the main cannabinoid in marijuana and are placed in a capsule. THC is water-soluble so it is often suspended in vegetable oil. This allows your body to absorb the psychoactive component, which will allow you to get high.

What are the benefits of THC pills?

Because they are uncomfortable with vaping or smoking, many users prefer to take THC in pills. Although there isn’t a direct link between smoking pot and lung carcinoma, some users choose to avoid the risk.

Capsules are more potent and last longer. Capsules are also discreet. Users could take a pill in public and have no one to notice. Patients don’t need to know how to vape or smoke, but they do know how to take pills.

What are the Drawbacks of THC Capsules?

While pills offer many benefits, many people still prefer to smoke or vape. The pills can be very powerful but they require that your liver processes them. This takes a lot longer.

Smoking or vaping THC has the primary benefit of reducing pain and discomfort. You can also increase your dosage easily by simply taking a few more puffs instead of an entire pill.


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