Garnet, one of the most cherished gemstones, is available in an incredible range of colours. Garnet is Latin for “granatus”, which means “pomegranate” and is the name of the Garnet stone. Garnet gemstones come in many sizes, colours, and shapes. They have incredible healing and spiritual properties. Garnet gemstone is January’s birthstone. Astrologically speaking, Garnet gemstone is associated to the Aquarius Zodiac sign. It is also considered a stone for the 2nd wedding anniversary.


Garnet is a healing gem that can help you eliminate negative emotions, boost self-confidence, and bring stability and positivity to your life. Garnet jewellery can bring happiness and help to maintain good reproductive and physical health. Garnet jewellery helps to cope with emotional issues such as depression, sleep disorders, nightmares, and mental depression. Garnet jewellery can help people stay focused and positive. Garnet jewellery helps to establish the ability to make good, meaningful decisions in your life. Garnet jewellery buy now provides safe travels for the wearer, while January birthstone jewellery brings strength, stability and luck to the life of the wearer.


Garnet’s bright and beautiful hues make it more attractive and are stunning when worn as Garnet jewellery. Scarlett Johansson is a beautiful American actress. She was seen wearing custom rose gold hook earrings with Garnets. Scarlett Johansson wore the stunning Garnet earrings to dinner at Dolce & Gabbana Gold Restaurant during Milan Women’s Wear Spring/Summer 2012.

Kate was gifted a gorgeous Victorian Ring with Garnets, Pearls by William. Kate has worn it multiple times both before and after her wedding. Kate holds the Garnet and Pearl ring with sentimental value because they were given to her by Prince William. Garnet is Kate’s birthstone, and Pearl is William.


Garnet jewellery can be used as every day workwear or statement jewellery. Garnet jewellery is versatile and can be worn with any look. Garnet jewellery looks stunning when set in gold, silver, or rose gold.

There is a noticeable shift in the trend away from diamond engagement rings to modernistic gems engagement rings. Garnet is a stone of eternal love and prosperity with brilliant colour, radiance and timeless beauty. It’s a classic and exotic choice for buyers. Garnet – A customized engagement ring is a great way to show your love’s uniqueness. An elegant and captivating Garnet engagement ring will best highlight the Garnet stone’s beauty.

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