Sometimes it can be difficult to admit your teenager needs help. As a parent, there may be certain issues that your teen cannot solve. Some problems require professional intervention and counselling.

Counselling may be necessary for teen therapy with behaviour, emotional, or mental problems. Your teen’s problems will only get worse if you don’t seek treatment immediately. It is important that you seek professional help as soon as possible. Find out the signs that it is time to seek help.

Are Teens just normal?

It can be difficult to determine if your teenager is experiencing serious problems or if she is just engaging in normal teenage behaviour. Begin by taking a look at your teen’s day and asking these questions:

  • What is my teen’s performance at school?
  • Are there any friends she has?
  • Can she share with me her daily life?

Talk to your teen’s paediatrician or a therapist if you notice any changes. If you are unsure, a trained professional can give you some assurance by saying that your teen is doing fine.

Signs that professional help is needed immediately

2 There are signs that your teen is at risk of developing troubled teen behaviour. It is not a good idea to wait to see if the problems resolve. These problems can get worse without professional assistance.

These signs should be noticed immediately by your teen.

  • Depression signs
  • Running away
  • Participation in illegal activities
  • Use of drugs
  • Failing school – If this is your only problem, tutoring may be a good option. However, you should also talk to the guidance office. Counselling is recommended for teens with other issues.
  • Sexual acts out
  • Self-harm/cutting
  • Changes in friends or activities–especially if the friends are into drugs or other illicit activities.
  • Eating disorders: Has your teen noticed that she is not eating enough, overeating, or gaining weight after eating?
  • Inappropriate anger: Having angry feelings towards someone or engaging in violent behaviour are reasons to be concerned.
  • Increasing defiance
  • Significant changes in mood and behaviour

How to Help Your Teen Get Counseling

Talk to your teenager’s doctor if you want to get help.

Maybe you are blaming yourself for your teen’s behaviour. You might be worried that you missed warning signs or did not get help sooner. When you think about professional counselling, it’s normal for you to feel various emotions. These emotions shouldn’t get in the way when your teenager seeks professional counselling to help him get his life back on track.

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