Hydrostatic testing is an essential procedure to ensure the strength and leak-proof qualities of various pressurized containers, from scuba tanks to medical oxygen tanks. At Serviced Fire Equipment, we elevate this process by combining advanced technology with unparalleled expertise, ensuring your cylinders meet and exceed safety standards.

What is Hydrostatic Testing?

Hydrostatic testing involves filling cylinders with water under pressure to check for leaks and structural integrity. Serviced Fire Equipment specializes in a wide range of cylinders, Scuba Tank Hydrostatic Testing, medical oxygen tanks, and even CO2 fire extinguishers, ensuring a versatile and inclusive service.

Preparation Steps for High-Pressure Hydrostatic Testing

  1. Inspection of Cylinders: Before testing, each cylinder undergoes a rigorous inspection by our DOT-qualified technicians to ensure it is fit for the process.
  2. Cleaning and Decontamination: Remove any residues or contaminants that could affect the test’s accuracy.
  3. Checking Valve Integrity: Ensure that all valves are functioning correctly and securely attached to prevent leaks during the test.

The Testing Process

The cylinders are placed in a water jacket and pressurized with water. This method allows us to measure any expansion and assess the cylinder’s integrity without risking damage.

After the Test: Documentation and Marking

Successful tests are documented with requalification records, and each cylinder is marked with a unique RIN identification and the retest date, ensuring traceability and compliance.

Condemnation Process

Cylinders that fail the test are marked as “Condemned” and, with the owner’s permission, are safely rendered unable to hold pressure, ensuring safety and compliance.

Why Choose Serviced Fire Equipment?

Our NICET-certified technicians and comprehensive services make us the go-to choice for SCBA Hydrostatic Testing. We provide a holistic approach from transportation to testing, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Understanding Testing Frequency

We guide you through the testing requirements based on DOT regulations, from DOT-3AL Gas Cylinders tested every 5 years to DOT-3HT Gas Cylinders tested every 3 years.

Ensuring Compliance with Cylinder Markings

Our services ensure compliance with standards set by organizations like ASTM and ASME. Post-testing, all cylinders are correctly marked to meet U.S. and Canadian legal and safety standards.

Partnering with Serviced Fire Equipment

Contact us for expert service in hydrostatic testing and cylinder maintenance. We’re just a call or email away!


Ensuring the safety and integrity of your cylinders through high-pressure hydrostatic testing is crucial. With Serviced Fire Equipment, you receive expert, compliant, and customer-focused services that guarantee the reliability of your equipment.


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