Keith Scribner is a Spokane, Washington native who has been making waves in the tech industry. From his roots as a self-taught programmer to becoming a sought-after web developer, Keith has made it big in the world of programming and development. Let’s take a look at how he got to where he is today.

Rise to Fame

Keith was born and raised in Spokane and had always been passionate about computers. He taught himself programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while still in high school, which ignited his love for coding. After graduating from college with a degree in computer engineering, he worked as an IT manager at a local company before eventually branching off on his own. In 2010, he founded his own web development business, which quickly gained notoriety for its stunning designs and innovative solutions to complex problems.

Projects & Accomplishments

Since then, Keith has become well known throughout the tech community for his work on various projects. His portfolio includes websites for small businesses as well as large corporations such as Microsoft and Amazon. In addition to creating websites for clients, Keith is also an active member of the open source community and has contributed code to many popular projects such as WordPress and Drupal. He also frequently speaks at conferences around the world on topics related to software development and web design.

Thoughts on Technology

When asked about technology’s role in our society today, Keith says that it can either be used positively or negatively depending on how it is applied. He believes that technology should be used to make life easier and more efficient instead of adding more complexity or confusion into our lives. He believes strongly in using sustainable practices when developing software so that future generations will be able to benefit from the advancements we are making now.


Keith Scribner is truly an inspirational figure in the tech world today. Not only does he have an impressive portfolio of accomplishments under his belt, but he also serves as an example of how anyone can achieve success through hard work and dedication—no matter where they come from. With his passion for coding and commitment to sustainability, there’s no telling what heights Keith will reach next!

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