Bryan Legend Australia, an Australian cryptocurrency expert, is an entrepreneur and self-made millionaire who founded Clever DeFi Pty Ltd.

Bryan has been working in Cryptocurrency for 8 years and has mastered the craft to a near perfect level. He is a master of strategic planning, execution, and has achieved success in this field thanks to his unique Crypto-oriented mindset. This can be seen in the successful start-ups he created, as well as his estimated net worth of approximately 6.3 million dollars.

Bryan’s company Clever DeFi Ltd has received a lot of attention from interested parties all over the world. It is now into Decentralised Finance and intends to shake up the financial sector. Although his Decentralised Finance concept is relatively new, it has slowly been recognized by various financial institutions.

Bryan’s Clever Defi Protocol, which automatically distributes interest payments of up 11% per week to Clever Token (CLVA) token holders can be broken down as follows: Bryan believes Clever is the best way to store wealth. It offers a higher interest rate than the standard rates available in traditional banks.

Bryan spoke about his creation and said that the Clear Token (CLVA), was designed to be used by anyone who wants to store wealth in a secure, reliable location at a high yielding rate. This is an alternative to the comparatively low-interest’store money’ accounts with no interest accruing. CLVA is a great choice for investors looking to expand or start an investment portfolio, or to de-risk into a fundamentally sound asset.

Bryan has been involved in Cryptocurrency over the past 8 year. He started in Blockchain, where he gathered a wealth of experience and then moved to a more decentralised approach. His most impressive quality is his ability to live up to his promises. “I am well aware that execution and delivery are the fundamental challenges businesses will face. Many companies promise the world, but fail to deliver and fall short of their goals or objectives. He said, “I make sure that any company I create has a brand image which speaks for itself.”

The Clever Protocol is made up of several mechanisms. Most notably, the Decentralised Distribution Mechanism, or DDM, which runs on a schedule that covers 888 cycles and lasts 14 days, with the last cycle ending after 34 year. This architecture is quite innovative in the financial sector.

Clever DeFi stands out from other Crypto projects because its CLVA minting starts at Zero supply. Bryan and his team have no tokens, which is a new concept in Crypto. Bryan Legend Details stated that CLVA was “by far the most secure token to store wealth in” and noted that there is a limited supply and anticipated increased demand. The token will prove its value.

Bryan was recently interviewed by The Australian Millionaire magazine about his journey to entrepreneurship. Here’s what he had to say:

Why would you recommend Cryptocurrency for potential investors?

Crypto is still very young when viewed from the future. It brings with it an entirely new industry based around Blockchain. Tech geeks love it, and investors love the opportunity to make huge profits in a bull market.

When investing, timing is key. Anyone can make money in a bull market. However, Crypto market volatility means that it has more upside than traditional assets.

What Cryptocurrency is most intriguing to you?

There are many Cryptocurrencies to choose from. Most of them are scams. It is important to do your research and not just jump in blindly.

There are risks associated with any investment. The greater the risk, the more likely it is that your investment will be returned multiple times. Clever DeFi (CLVA), which offers guaranteed interest payments every two weeks, is one of the most sustainable Cryptocurrencies currently available. It is an easy option for investors to see their money grow and it is also less risky.

What is the biggest scam in Cryptocurrency?

The most famous scam ever was Bitconnect, an illegal Ponzi Pyramid Scheme which stole more than 250 million from investors.

Anyone interested in Cryptocurrency can you give a checklist?

Only invest what is possible to lose. Cryptocurrency is a tough industry and many have to learn it the hard way. Avoid falling prey to FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), as it is a sure way to lose money by purchasing at the top of a saturated asset. Only invest in solid projects that have proven fundamentals. It is possible to make a claim that it sounds too good to true 99.99% of time.

What is Clever DeFi? Could you please tell us more?

Clever DeFi, a Decentralized Finance Protocol, distributes interest payments to native CLVA Cryptocurrency owners on a pre-programmed routine schedule of over 888 fortnightly cycle taking only 34.15 years.

Since its launch last year in 2020 in Clever DeFi, the Clever protocol has been developed, deployed and implemented over many months. An investor simply needs to buy the CLVA asset and receive interest payments of up to 11% per fortnight.

What advice would you give to people who are interested in trading Cryptocurrency, but don’t live in a country that supports it?

First, I don’t condone illegal activity or encourage people to violate their country’s laws or policies. People have used VPN software to hide their IP addresses, which allows them access Cryptocurrency exchanges that don’t require any personal information.

This is the best way to go, but it’s also the most risky.

What are the greatest challenges facing the Cryptocurrency industry?

Both mass adoption and regulation are closely linked. To ensure mass adoption can be done on a global basis, there must be protection for people and policies to stop illegal market activities being conducted through regulatory bodies.

What do you see yourself as in five years’ time?

This is a difficult question indeed. Although most people would only have a vague idea of the answer, it is best to give a direction. My goal is to capitalize on the industry trends in the next years. This will also mean that I will continue to be a part of the Cryptocurrency scene. Over the next five years, my goal is to become a millionaire in Crypto. I will closely follow the industry’s progress to help me achieve this goal.


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