If you’re looking for support for your recovery journey, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) could be the answer. NA is a nonprofit fellowship of individuals who want to stay clean from drugs, and it offers a range of meetings across the country. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what you can expect from NA meetings in Delaware County.

What to Expect From NA Meetings Delco

At an NA meeting, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences with others who are on their own recovery journeys. You can talk about your successes, as well as any difficulties you’re facing or relapses that have occurred. The emphasis is on creating an environment of understanding and acceptance so that members can openly express themselves without judgment or criticism. It’s important to remember that only those who identify themselves as addicts are allowed to attend NA meetings—family members and other non-addicts are not permitted.

The structure of each meeting varies depending on preference but generally includes some form of opening prayer, reading from one of the 12 steps, sharing time for members to speak about their experiences, and closing prayers or readings. Meetings may also include discussion groups led by facilitators where members can ask questions and discuss topics related to addiction and recovery in more depth.

Where to Find NA Meetings in Delaware County

There are many local resources available online that list a variety of different NA meetings taking place throughout Delaware County. Most counties also have a local chapter website where you can find out which meetings are currently running and when they take place (many chapters offer both virtual and in-person options). Many chapters also provide contact details for their helpline operators if you need help finding a meeting near you or have any questions about attending an NA session.


Attending regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings is an essential part of the recovery process for anyone struggling with substance use disorder. In this blog post, we’ve explored what you can expect from these types of meetings in Delaware County—and how easy it is to find one near you! With plenty of resources available online, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get the help and support needed through attending an NA meeting today!

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